I am pleased to advise you that the Ministry of the Solicitor General (Ministry) is now
accepting applications from community-based, not-for-profit, incorporated organizations
and First Nations Chiefs and Councils for the 2022/23 – 2023/24 Safer and Vital
Community (SVC) Grant.

The theme for the 2022/23 – 2023/24 SVC Grant is
“Preventing Cybercrime through Community Collaboration” – with priority areas
in Hate Crimes, Human Trafficking, and Fraud.

The SVC Grant encourages the development and implementation of local projects that
enhance community safety and well-being. The Ministry is requesting proposals that
focus on bringing together different sectors to address cybercrime through collaboration
and partnership. In addition to demonstrating police involvement in their projects,
applicants are encouraged to partner with at least one organization in a sector different
from their own.

Applicants should consider aligning their projects with local
community safety and well-being planning efforts.

All applications must be submitted through Transfer Payment Ontario (TPON) as
well as via email to Natalie.Brull@ontario.ca and Poonam.Sharma@Ontario.ca no
later than 4:00pm EST on March 04, 2022. Submissions that are late, incomplete or
not accompanied by the required documents requested by the Ministry will not be
considered for funding. No exceptions will be permitted.

More details on the application process, including accessing the application and applying through TPON, are outlined in
the attached Grant Application Guidelines and Instructions documents.
Grant funding is subject to the Ministry receiving the necessary appropriation from the
Ontario Legislature.

Please direct any questions regarding the SVC Grant to Community Safety Analysts,
Program Development Section, Natalie or Poonam at Natalie.Brull@ontario.ca or

22-0008 – All Chiefs Memo – Safer and Vital Communities Gra 22-0008 – Attachment 1 – Application Guidelines – Community 22-0008- Attachment 2 – Application Guidelines – Indigenous 22-0008- Attachment 3 – Application Instructions 22-0008- Attachment 4 – Application Form – Community-Based 22-0008- Attachment 5 – Application Form – Indigenous Commu 22-0008- Attachment 6 – Budget Sheet – Year 1 v1 22-0008- Attachment 7 – Budget Sheet – Year 2 v1 20200511 COH-P-002_Pandemic_Response_Supply_Depot_Ordering-Approved

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