Our office receives many inquiries regarding the crime and police presence in Ward 11. There is a constant request for more police presence.

The Hamilton Police Service has now been able to provide a report to our office to inform our community about the REPORTED crime that is happening in our area. Here are some of the statistics provided to us.

We were able to also do a comparison using the 2020 Census information below for the entire City of Hamilton

 Crime is never something to celebrate but there is perspective. As you can see the City of Hamilton had a total of 30, 231 incidents in 2020. Ward 11 had 203. That makes up approximately 0.67% of all of the crime in Hamilton. That is a very low compared to the city as a whole and compared to other areas within the City of Hamilton.

Often times social media can play a role in providing a false sense of insecurity. In a small community like ours, one car break in can be discussed multiple times on multiple social media channels and appear to be multiple break ins when in reality it is one. This is definitely not always the case but it does happen.

I want you to be assured that there is police presence in Ward 11, they are attending our calls, they are answering our questions, they are here for us to serve and protect our wonderful community. Please be sure to report all crimes. They must be aware of any crimes happening so that they can be here for us. Police presence depends on the amount of activity in the area.

As you all know in case of emergency please call 911. If you have a non emergency, questions or concerns regarding our community, would like to report any information to the police, please call the Non Emergency line at any time 905-546-4925.

Finally, thank you to all of you for everything you do in helping your community to stay safe. We are truly lucky to have such wonderful residents in Ward 11.


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