Stormwater ponds are not monitored for ice conditions.

Due to their function, they behave differently than natural bodies of water. They are unsafe to be on for several reasons.

  • The ice depth varies across the pond’s surface
  • Due to the continuous flow of water in these ponds, the ice that forms in winter is unstable
  • Ponds collect runoff from the roadway that contain salt, which lowers the freezing temperature of the water
  • Air pockets can easily form throughout the surface
  • Ponds are typically located in remote or hard to access areas, distant from help

If you notice people engaging in this, or any other unsafe activity, we encourage you to contact the Hamilton Police department non-emergency line at 905-546-4925 and request that an officer attend for educational and enforcement purposes.  You might also want to point the people in your social medial groups to Hamilton Outdoor Rinks for a list of maintained recreational outdoor rinks.

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