The spill remediation activities that have been on-going at Hwy 56 and Golf Club Road are coming to an end. We have been advised by Canada Clean Fuel’s abatement contractor GR Environment & Rail that they have two days of clean-up work remaining (Monday November 15 and Tuesday November 16) and then they will restore (re-pave) the area.

They are scheduling a contractor to undertake the restoration of the roadway directly afterwards. The re-paving cooperation will require approximately 5 days. Allowing a schedule buffer to allow factors such as weather, conservatively we have been advised that paving will be conducted the week of November 22nd. As such we will extend the closure notice to Friday November 26th.

I know that there have been some concerns during the efforts that Canada Clean Fuel’s contractors have not been working efficiently, and that a fair amount of down-time/no activity has been seen. The process of the remediation work requires excavation and testing. Soil is removed and then tested to determine if it is impacted or not. There is a pause that occurs between excavation and testing. Contractors progress the excavation until tests show that they have cleared out the impacted soil. Further, excavation cannot be undertaken when it is raining, and after rain de-watering of the excavations is sometimes needed. Because of this, there has been times which activity has slowed and/or stopped – I thought this would be useful information related to the work that GR Environmental & Rail is doing.

The City would like to thank you for your patience in this process and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather co-operates and we can get this job finished up quickly.

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