Update – Hwy 56 @ Golf Club Road

We recently issued a closure extension notice for Hwy 56 @ Golf Club Road out to October 29, 2021.

GR Environmental & Rail (GRE), on behalf of Canada Clean Fuels, is continuing with the clean-up efforts and identified that more time is required to complete these activities. The clean-up process is iterative which I would define as “dig and test” until the testing reveals that all impacted soils have been adequately addressed. Because of the nature of this work, it is difficult to determine what the level of effort is needed and the time to complete.

As a status update to supplement the closure extension, below are some key informational items:

• The clean-up contractor (GRE) has been removing soil from the spill in consultation with their Engineering consultants.
• Work has been concentrated along the south ditch line.
• GRE believes that they have removed all of the contaminants in that area based on test results.
• GRE are now filling in with clay to bring back the level of the ditch.
• Work will begin along the north ditch this week
• Once all contaminants are removed and samples are confirmed by the MECP and our engineering consultant, WSP, clay will be replaced in the north ditch.
• Anticipated completion is 7-10 days with a buffer for weather.
• Contractors retained by GRE will be reinstating the curbing followed by the asphalt to City specifications.
• An emergency lane has remained accessible for the EMS vehicles if required.

Transportation Operations & Maintenance, with assistance from Risk Management, continues to monitor the clean-up efforts. We will discuss with GRE about the possible partial opening of the intersection ahead of full opening. At this moment we do not have any indications that this is possible due to the operations that are being conducted on site.

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