The City of Hamilton is asking residents to exercise caution if they are approached by unsolicited private contractors or representatives who claim to be affiliated with the City or speak about City services.
A homeowner recently reported being approached by an individual who was pretending to work for the City under the guise of replacing lead pipes or water service lines. As part of the sales pitch for lead-free pipes, the person claimed the homeowner would be eligible for a grant if they provided a void cheque or banking information.
Although this is the first report of this specific activity, it is not an uncommon tactic used by individuals who may be trying to take advantage of a homeowner.
Homeowners are reminded that any City of Hamilton representative visiting a home would have a City of Hamilton identification card and City of Hamilton uniform. The City typically only visits a home during an emergency situation such as a water main break that would disrupt water service to the home, or for a previously arranged appointment about a specific issue or complaint.
Residents who are approached by unsolicited contractors or suspicious individuals claiming to be affiliated with the City of Hamilton should contact the City of Hamilton at 905-546-CITY (2489) for verification or to report the incident.

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