Fifteen artworks honouring and supporting Hamilton’s healthcare workers and the public they serve have been installed on select traffic signal boxes at major healthcare facilities across the city.

A volunteer citizen jury of healthcare workers, graphic designers and artists awarded the commissions
to 15 artists after reviewing over 90 submissions based on the project theme of supporting healthcare workers, artistic
excellence, ability to deter graffiti, and public comments.

artworks range in style and original medium and are largely the work of
emerging artists. Traffic Signal Box artists will receive remuneration of $650
for each design.

artwork is printed on graffiti-resistant wraps and is anticipated to remain in
place for five to ten years. An online art map with box locations and artist
statements for each artwork is available on the City of Hamilton website public
art page.


  • This project is funded up to $20K by the Transportation and Operations and Maintenance Division and contributions of developers to the Downtown Hamilton Public Art Reserve.

  • The City defines public art as art
    created by artists, or in collaboration with artists, through a public process
    and existing on publicly owned and accessible property.

  • Public art helps strengthen the city’s
    visual identity, stimulates the economy, and enhances tourism and community

  • Since 2010, the City’s public art
    program has received over 655 artist proposals, consulted with over 9,300
    members of the public and awarded 54 public art commissions.

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