The Committee of adjustment meetings are currently being
held remotely. The meeting starts at 1pm on Thursday July 23 and can be viewed
through the following link:

1800 Upper James

There is a proposal for a food processing plant by ‘Mama Yo Landa’s Lasagna Company’ at 1800 Upper James. The land where they would like to build is zoned C7 which does not allow the use of a food processing plant.  They will be bringing their proposal to the committee of adjustments this Thursday July 23 to ask for special permission to allow for this use within the current zoning.  For reference this property is to the east of Twenty Place between Twenty Place and Upper James and just south of the Egg & I restaurant and plaza. You can find the committee notice through the link below.

205 Thames Way

There is a proposal to permit the development of a block
townhouse development consisting of 58 townhouse units at 205 Thames Way.

The proposal is asking for 12 separate variances to allow for higher density, smaller setbacks, and smaller parking spaces than what is currently allowed. You can find the comprehensive list of proposed variances through the committee notice below:

3311 Homestead Drive

The Sonoma Homes property at 3311 is coming to committee of adjustments this Thursday July 23rd to ask for a total of 12 variances. The comprehensive list of variances can be found in the notice and variance diagram linked below. Some of the variances include smaller setbacks, and larger lot coverage.  Please note you cannot write in to ask to oppose the development as a whole but only to oppose the variances.

How to Contact the Committee with Your Concerns:

Residents are able to write or phone in with their concerns
about any application including the ones listed above. Resident emails are
included in the file and read by the committee of adjustment prior to their
decision being made. You also have the option to speak during the meeting
through phone or webex video conference. To do so please contact the committee
of adjustments either through phone or email to arrange.

You can contact the committee of adjustments through the
following contact info:

 Call 905-546-CITY (2489) or 905-546-2424 extension
4221, 4130, or 3935

 Email Committee of Adjustment staff at

For more information regarding the committee of adjustments
meetings please visit the following link:

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