Meals on Wheels Hot and Frozen


Meals on Wheels is a hot, nutritiously based three course meal. A salad, main course including meat, potato and vegetable, plus dessert will be delivered between 11:30 and 1:00 pm depending where you are on the route.
3 course meal price: $6.85
* Prices subject to change without written notice.
Please note: An administration fee will be charged if GCS receives less than a 24 hour cancellation notice.
◾A varied menu is offered throughout the month
◾Meals can accommodate (low sodium/sugar) to meet special needs
◾Meals are available daily Monday through Friday except Holidays
◾Additional meals may be requested to accommodate weekends and holidays
◾Residents of this program must reside in the Binbrook / Mt. Hope / Glanbrook Areas
Email Carole Taylor


Freshly Prepared Home Style FROZEN MEALS
Meals can be delivered or picked up at the GCS office
$5.75 – meal only
$ 6.50 – meals and dessert
$1.75 – dessert or soup only
◾Freshly prepared home style Frozen Meals are provided by Ina Grafton Village in St. Catherine’s, Ontario and by Zarky’s in Hamilton, Ontario
◾Prepared from fresh foods
◾Meals can be ordered on-line with email confirmation (see bottom of this page for weekly order forms) or by phone
◾Meals are delivered in the morning to your door – PLEASE ENSURE PATHWAYS & DRIVEWAYS ARE CLEAR
◾Meals can be picked up at our office
◾35 different Entrées & Desserts over a 5 week rotation plus 7 different soups are offered each
◾Large & flavourful meal portions, low in salt
◾Gluten free, vegetarian, pureed and diabetic options available
◾Wide variety of desserts including Sugar Free Desserts
◾Meals can be kept frozen up to 6 months
◾Meal preparation date is listed on meal with nutritional values listed at the bottom of this page.
◾Cooking times and instructions are provided on the cover of every entrée
◾Meals come in containers that can be heated in the microwave or oven, from frozen or defrosted
◾Meal containers are recyclable
◾Orders must be received by Thursday each week at 2 pm
* Prices subject to change without written notice.
Email Carole Taylor – Program Coordinator – 905-692-3464

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