Waterfall and escarpment areas remain closed to all users. These are particularly difficult to physically distance in as their natural features and limitations mean that the trail systems are narrow. Further, there are natural gathering areas such as lookouts and trail head entrances that encourage gathering.

The areas that remain closed include: Crooks Hollow, Spencer Gorge, Dundas Peak, Spencer Adventure Trail, Tew Falls, Webster Falls, Tiffany Falls, Devil’s Punchbowl. Members of the public are not permitted on any of these areas or trails and those who access these properties are trespassing.

Municipal By-law Enforcement (MLE) staff will be patrolling to enforce parking restrictions and trespassers may be fined. Parking tickets in Special Enforcement Areas carry a $250 fine. MLE continues to enforce the EMCPA for groups larger than five (5), which carries a fine of $880. Parking violations can be reported to Municipal Bylaw by calling 905-540-6000.

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