Yesterday it was decided by council to not fight the Ontario Municipal Boards decision of how to distribute the City of Hamilton Ward boundaries. This means starting in October of 2018 there will be new ward boundaries through the city of Hamilton.

How do the ward boundary changes affect Ward 11?

Ward 11 will be split into three different parts with sections of the Ward joining Ward 10 and Ward 9. the new Ward 11 will include from Glancaster Road to the city limits in the east, and from the hydro utility corridor to the city limits in the south. To view a map of the current and new ward boundaries Click Here.

Why were the Ward boundary changes needed?

Ward boundary changes were needed to adapt to the growing disparity in the Ward populations. For example in 2016 Ward 11 had a population of 45,180 while Ward 14 had a population of 15,996. The new Ward boundaries will reflect a more even population in each Ward.

How does Councillor Brenda Johnson feel about the changes to Ward 11?

Councillor Johnson supports the splitting up of Ward 11. She believes the drastic population growth that Ward 11 is experiencing does call for a change.

Why did Councillor Johnson vote to appeal the Ward boundary changes?

Councillor Johnson does support the changes to Ward 11 however she does not support the new ward boundaries as a whole for the city. She voted in favour to appeal the changes due to how the decision will affect area rating. For more information on Councillor Johnson’s decision Click Here.

What is area rating?

Area rating is the process by which you are taxed accordingly with the city services you receive. Former municipalities (Glanbrook, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Ancaster & Dundas) currently only pay for the services they receive whereas the former City of Hamilton gets charged for all services because they receive all services. For more history and information on area rating Click Here.

What do these changes mean for the current residents of ward 11?

When the new boundaries take place in October 2018 area rating could be eliminated in the next council term, which means you could be taxed for full services without actually receiving full services. For more information Click Here.

As stated previously, the vote to appeal the decision by the OMB was defeated at Council yesterday. The period in which you can appeal ends on December 27th.

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