Power Update from Alectra Utilities following yesterday’s wind storm: Crews have been working around the clock and power has now been restored to 24, 166 customers in the Hamilton area, with the exceptions of approximately 10 single service customers.

These outages can be due to damage of their own equipment (i.e. the stack on their house) and they will need to arrange for an electrician to make repairs and have an Electrical Safety Authority inspection to be completed before Alectra Utilities can restore power to their service.

If you or anyone you know of remain without power and who have not talked to Alectra Utilities, please call their Call Centre at 905–522-9200 or 1-866-458-1236. The Call Centre can advise of the restoration efforts or the next steps regarding repairs to their equipment.

For power outage updates from Hydro One call 1-800-434-1235 or check out their interactive website http://www.hydroone.com/StormCenter3/

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