HAMILTON, ON – October 2, 2016 – Following several recent tragedies involving residential fires, the Hamilton Fire Department would like to remind everyone of the importance of practicing fire safety in their homes every day of the year.
“People often think that a fire will never happen to them. However, every year most fire related injuries and deaths occur in the home, a place where most of us feel the safest. Many fatal fires occur at night when everyone is asleep, so early warning and understanding how to safely escape a fire in your home is crucial to your survival,” says Fire Chief David Cunliffe. There have been eleven fire fatalities in the City of Hamilton in 2016, all of which have occurred in people’s homes.

A working smoke alarm will provide you with the protection and early warning that you need to give you and your family the best chance to survive a fire in your home. Smoke alarms must be installed on every floor level of the home and outside of all sleeping areas.

Homeowners who are unable to install smoke alarms in their homes due to age, physical limitations or who simply cannot afford to purchase additional alarms, can contact the Hamilton Fire Department at 905-546-3382 and participate in our “Alarmed and Ready” Smoke Alarm Program. Hamilton firefighters will attend at your home and provide and install the required number of smoke alarms, at no cost. This program is available only to owner-occupied single family dwellings in the City of Hamilton.

If you live in a rental unit (house or apartment), your landlord is responsible for installing and maintaining your smoke alarms. Contact your landlord to have smoke alarms installed or contact the Hamilton Fire Department at 905-546-2424 Ext. 1380 and report the lack of smoke alarms. An Inspector from the Fire Prevention Division will investigate and ensure smoke alarms are installed.

It is equally important that you and all members of your family learn two ways out of every room in your home. Practicing that home fire escape plan and having a meeting space outside of the home are crucial elements of the plan.

The women and men of the Hamilton Fire Department remain committed to protecting the citizens of Hamilton and appeal to all citizens to check their smoke alarms today and ensure they are working.

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