The last open house in the series will be held at the Glanbrook Municipal Building, 4280 Binbrook Road, from 3pm – 7:30pm on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015.

As the Our Future Hamilton project moves forward, we want to go back to our community to share with them what we have heard and capture what is missing through community open houses in every ward. And we would like you to help us make these conversations a success.
Open House Objectives and Outcomes:
• Bring the conversation back to where our residents live, work, play and learn
• Report back to the community about what we have heard from residents so far
• Ask residents what we are missing so we can fill in any gaps or shortcomings
• Ensure residents are the ones who will define what success looks like for their community
There will be displays showing what we have heard from residents so far.  There will also be  opportunities for residents to prioritize directions and fill in any gaps. Project staff will be available to answer questions and listen to concerns

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