The residents of Winona Rd. are concerned with the speed of traffic on the roadway between Barton St. and Hwy 8. Traffic Operations and Engineering will be installing traffic calming measures (Speed Cushions) to address this concern in the spring of 2015. These works are also being done in advance of the Commercial Development that will be coming between Fifty & Winona Rd’s on the south side of the South Service Rd.

Speed cushions are gentle undulations in the road, which are designed to be traveled at about 40 km/h or less and only affect traffic exceeding these speeds. Traditionally, the City of Hamilton has installed Speed Humps which may cause delays to EMS vehicles; as such we are experimenting with Speed Cushions. These devises will have the same desired effect of slowing traffic however they are designed such that they will reduce the delay to EMS vehicles in an emergency. In order to be effective 2 locations will be required, the locations on Winona Rd. would be near # 273 and # 292. For EMS vehicles, the gaps in the speed cushion match the tires of the EMS vehicle which are spread wider than normal passenger vehicles. In doing this, they can move through at a required speed.

The addition of the temporary Speed Cushions is an interim measure until permanent measures can be constructed in conjunction with other proposed works for Winona Rd. north of Barton St. Also, the temporary installation will allow an opportunity for residents to provide feedback.

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