To accommodate hot asphalt paving after replacement of cross culverts during the prior week on three rural road segments in the Glanbrook area, each of the following locations will be CLOSED to vehicular traffic passage for the given day, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (or earlier):

1. Wednesday May 20 – White Church Rd. W. (Upper James St. to Glancaster Rd.) – paving site at rural address No. 9349, located immediately west of Highway 6 overpass.

2. Thursday May 21 – Airport Rd. W. (Homestead Dr. to Hwy. 6 By-pass intersection) – paving site at 100 m east of East Cargo Rd.

3. Friday May 22 – Mud St. E. (First Rd. E. to Second Rd. E.) – paving site located at West edge of intersection with Second Rd. E.

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