Affects Us All – You Can Make A Difference !

Earlier this month, White Church Cemetery, a pioneer cemetery in Mount Hope, was the site of a vandalism incident. Significant damage was done to many of the historical headstones and cemetery property resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.

Often these crimes are treated as victimless crimes, but they are not. Cemetery lots and stones are owned by families, just as houses and cars are. Cemetery vandalism is a crime against the whole community and is a cost to us all.

Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries are working with the authorities to identify and prosecute those individuals who caused the damage. In addition we will hold those accountable for all associated costs of the vandalism, if caught.

There are many things the public can do, in concert with local government, to help prevent vandalism in our cemeteries. We ask that you help us monitor our cemeteries and make a difference:

• Report vandalism and damages immediately to our Cemetery Office at 905-546-4704
• Report any unusual activity in a cemetery after dark to local Police at 905-546-4925
• If you see an act of vandalism in progress, call Police at 911
• If you have information about unlawful activities or incidents in our Cemeteries, you can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477)

Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries are entrusted to be guardians of family and community heritage. We appreciate your assistance in helping reduce and eliminate vandalism in our cemeteries.

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