Further to the meeting that was held on March 25th at the Binbrook Memorial Hall, the following is a brief overview of the meeting:

The project will be in 2 phases. Phase 1 from Southbrook/Windwood Dr’s to Maggie Johnson will start first and Phase 2 from Maggie Johnson to Golf Club Road will follow.

The tender for the construction of Phase 1 will close in April, 2015 and the construction is expected to start in June 2015 and be completed hopefully by the end of this year. The tender for the construction of Phase 2 will be issued in the Fall and the construction may start the end of this year or early in 2016.

Within the Village of Binbrook, Hwy 56 from Southbrook/Windwood Dr’s to Cemetery Rd will be urbanized. That will include one lane north, one lane south and a centre turning lane all the way through. There will be sidewalks on both sides of the road and also bike lanes on both sides of the road. On street parking is not permitted. New traffic lights will be installed at Southbrook/Windwood Dr’s and Hwy #56, also the traffic lights at Binbrook Rd and Hwy #56 will be upgraded. This section will also have full sewer and water services available to all residents and businesses.

Staff have advised that they will do their best to maintain a flow of traffic at all times. They have also advised that all construction will stop over the Binbrook Fair Weekend to accommodate the additional flow of traffic.

The Sewer line is being brought up from Elfrida and if you live between Elfrida and Cemetery Road you will not be permitted to connect to sewer or water as you are in the Green Belt and it is Provincially prohibited. Only residents inside the urban boundary can connect to services.

If you would like a copy of the presentation that was made at the March 25th, 2015 meeting, please email my office and we’ll forward it to you. Unfortunately, I could not place it on this site at this time.

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