Upper Mount Albion was closed at Rymal Rd effective Sept 24th, 2013. This closure came earlier than the City of Hamilton wanted due to safety issues on the road. The process to close Upper Mount Albion Road has been underway for 7 years which predates my term of office so I am referring to previous reports and my meetings with staff and the Councillor of Ward 9, Councillor Clark.

There were two secondary plan CLC’s, a Ropa 9 Transportation Master Plan Community Liaison Committee and a class EA process. It appeared to be a transparent, open and public process.
Upper Mount Albion was closed earlier than we wanted due to safety issues on the road. The road is in an earth ANSI which requires environmental assessments and studies to dig up the road.

Further Bishop Ryan High school is opening in November. All studies show that teens in high schools do NOT stay on campus. Students will walk down Upper Mount Albion to the commercial district.
There are currently no sidewalks and they cannot be built as the properties have septic systems at the front which also ruled out temporary paths. It will be a few years before the sewers are installed to permit removal and clean-up of septic systems.

The temporary detour is 500 meters from Upper Mount Albion Road. Pritchard Road has been re-paved. The lights are to be synchronized. Ultimately, synchronized lights on Pritchard will move traffic faster than the current delays you may experience with line ups at the stop sign on Upper Mount Albion (at rush hour) or the stop signs and speed cushion on Second Rd W. Having said that, we have asked our traffic staff to tweak necessary timing changes where appropriate.

Traffic transitions and addendums have been planned to minimize the impact on local residents as much as possible. The detour is planned for 12 months. Another recommended detour is Redhill to Dartnall which remains the quickest route to Rymal.

Please stay tuned to this web site for more updates on the advance green lights and turning that we are working on.

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