There are two road siding schedules in the City of Hamilton; urban and rural.

The rural areas are cut twice a year and the urban areas are cut nine times per year. Both programs have starting cutting already as the grass and grown quickly and early this year. The City has been divided into two Districts for Roads Parks and Maintainance operations and all of Ward 11 is in the East District of the City.

The Rural Grass cutting program covers 2200 k’s of rural roads in total and it normally starts it’s first cutting June 1st. Given the early growing season, staff has that contractor starting this week. The Contractor has been asked to focus on intersections first as well as service roads. Next they will move to cutting the shoulders off all the rural roads and this process will take approx 6 weeks to do the east division. The second cut will start in either August or September, depending on the growing season.

The Urban Grass cutting program has started already as well and it will move around cutting all the grass on the road allowances in the urban areas of the city. Please remember that if you are in a new development, some of the areas are still under the ownership of the developer and have not been turned over to the city as of yet. If you are concerned about an area, drop us a line and we’ll followup on that for you.

Also, please note that parks, medians and roundabouts do not fall under road side grass cutting. These areas are handled by parks and beautification department of the city and are being addressed as quickly as possible this year. In the areas of new development, we are brings a number of these roundabouts and medians under the jurisdiction of the city this year, but again some are still maintained by the local developer.

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