Traffic congestion, parties, mall shopping, wrapping presents, cooking holiday dinner… just some of the things that keep us busy and feeling stressed out during the holiday season. We’re so busy it can be difficult to shut off the mental noise going on inside our heads. Remember, the mind is ONLY a part of the WHOLE. Here are some ways to keep calm during the holidays so you can be in the present and get into the holiday spirit:

1)Set an Intention – When you walk out the door on your last day of work before the holidays, set the intention that you will leave your work at the office because it will still be there when you get back. (So why think about it!)

2)Put the phone away – Leave your cell phones at home (unless leaving children in another’s care or driving long distances) and leave your work cell phone at work!

3)Keep computer/TV time to a minimum- (especially at night) and open up that book you have wanted to read since the summer! (And listen to that favourite holiday CD).

4)Do less and BE more- remember that holidays are suppose to be fun and not about rushing around to try to get “IT” all in. So, cut your parties in half and stay at home with the family.

5)Set a calming and relaxing ambience-Turn off those bright house lights! Use battery operated candles instead along with your holiday coloured led-lights! (You’ll also save money on that hydro bill to help pay off your credit card from the holiday shopping!)

6)Burn essential oils-Lavender-very calming for nerves, Citrus-mental clarity, Rose/Rosewood-heartwarming, Clary Sage-romance. For contraindications click here.

7)Reach out-If you’re feeling alone, call family or friends or write them a letter. Go for a walk with a friend to talk about your holiday blues or seek a professional counselor for help.

8)Get rest-Catch up on your sleep, go to bed early (9pm) and don’t set the alarm clock!

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