Most of us know that exercise improves circulation and keeps the heart healthy. However, many of us also spend a lot of time sitting at work for much of the day. So, how do we incorporate activity into our daily work routine? Well, the simplest way is to make walking a part of your work life. If you can’t do the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity at a time because of your busy work schedule, then sneaking in a few 10-minute walks throughout the day can be equally beneficial.

Action Tips:
1. Find ways to fit 60 minutes of walking into your workday. Consider lunch, breaks or 15 minutes before and after work.
2. Pencil your times in your day planner … you’re more likely to stick to it!
3. If you walk with a partner, find someone who keeps their appointments and confirm your walking appointments.
4. Buy comfortable walking shoes to leave at work.
5. Be prepared. Organize a bag to leave at work … a sweater, jacket, umbrella, socks, toiletries.
6. Wear a watch to track time.
7. Choose a route. Create a personal route on the activity tracker and add your steps when you’ve done that walk.
8. Divide your walking time in half. Start with a comfortable pace. At half-time, retrace your steps.

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