1. Why so confidential?

It is a land acquisition deal that involves the City and that makes it a confidential matter initially. The city’s role in the land acquisition process is to serve as intermediary between the land owner and Maple Leaf. Maple Leaf would not have considered Hamilton if there was no assurance of confidentiality.

2. Why was Councillor Brenda Johnson opposed?

The item came to Council so quickly today, without advance notice and there was a lot to digest. Council wanted to move forward and I needed more time to digest everything and get all my questions answered. It directly affects my ward.

3. What is Maple bringing exactly?

A $395 million, 402,000 square foot prepared meats facility. This means 670 jobs for Hamilton. There will be no rendering at this location, no lives animals, only refrigerated contained meat.

4. Where is the location?

The location is within the boundary of the North Glanbrook Industrial Park on the S.W. corner of Twenty Road & Glover Road.

5. Is the land zoned for this?


6. What about the extension of Dartnall Road?

Staff are working on making that happen as soon as possible.

7. How will this impact the local residents?

Trucks will be directed to enter and exit via Nebo Rd as it is a truck route. Further, I am advised that there will be no odour with this project.

8. What is the difference between this plant and the last one that was proposed?

There is no rendering plant (no kill floor and no live animals).

9. When is it coming?

Construction will start as early as January, 2012 and it is expected to be completed in 2014.

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