As your local Councillor, I have a number of concerns and I feel it is important that I keep you updated on the process to date. The City has recently received an application for development of the above property, which is directly west of Fifty Rd and north of Barton and directly on the south side of the railway tracks. The proposed Development is called “Foothills of Winona, Phase 2”. Recently residents received a handout advising of this proposed development and a number of residents have contacted me personally and I thank them for that.

Firstly, the entire property is not being developed as there is a section (the most south eastern corner) that is still within the Green Belt Boundary and it is unfortunate that the map didn’t show this. Also, the area that can be developed is being proposed piece by piece and you could end up with roads leading nowhere. The application is proposing more that 200 residential units of housing, with the great majority being townhouses.

I have a number of concerns with this proposed development. I am having ongoing meetings with staff to review my concerns about density and traffic. I am not happy with the proposed location of the density of housing. I am not happy with the proposed location of the roads ie) new development is proposed to enter and exit through the existing residential area of Benziger and Sonoma Lanes and the new proposed residential area off Barton St. There is no access proposed for this development from Fifty Road at this time and that concerns me in terms of increased volumes through residential areas.

Residents have also asked why this development can proceed ahead of SCUBE (Stoney Creek Urban Boundary Expansion) and the answer is that in 2007 and OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) ruling approved this land for development, it is outside the boundary of SCUBE.

Given the above, as your Councillor I am planning the next steps so that we are able to do everything possible to have our concerns addressed. This application has not come to the City of Hamilton’s Planning Committee yet. Before that happens, I will be having a local community meeting with residents, myself, city planning staff and the developer will be invited as well. There will be a presentation on what is being proposed and residents will be able to get further information as well as express their concerns. I am expecting this meeting to be in early in 2012 and I will confirm the date in my Stoney Creek News Article as well as on my web page at If you would like to be put on my email list to be kept updated on this meeting, please let me know your email address.

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