Councillor Johnson hopes everyone will take time and drop by the Winona Peach Festival. It’s one of the largest Festivals in Ontario and there’s a lot to do.


FREE PARKING & Shuttle Service from Eastgate Square. There is a free shuttle service via HSR going back and forth to the Festival all weekend and the shuttle service is accepted donations to the food bank. This free shuttle service runs from Eastgate square, where parking is free and drops you off at the gate to the festival. City Buses (route 58 bus stop) will run on Friday from 5pm and every 12 minutes until 9pm and the last return shuttle will be 11:30pm. Saturday they will start at 10am and run every 12 minutes until 9pm, with the last return shuttle being at 11:30. And with Sunday they will start at 10am and every 12 minute until 4pm, with the last return shuttle being at 7pm.

LOCAL PARKING at ED Smith’s $10.00. You can park your vehicle for $10.00 and that is a flat rate regardless of how many are in your vehicle. The ED Smith lot is located on Barton Street, between McNeilly Rd & Glover Rd on the south side and from there you will board a free shuttle that will take you back and forth to the park.

COME WITH empty tummies as the food area has lots to offer. Make sure you wear your comfy shoes for walking if you want to checkout all the exhibits which include crafts and commercial. And don’t forget your sun block for the entertainment which is always the best and if you like rides you’ll have a blast!

For more info, check out the Winona Peach Festival Web Site !!!

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