Glanbrook Animal Control Service Update !

Glanbrook Animal Control “Contracted Service” has been extended until the Fall. Councillor Johnson was successful in her bid not to loose it without a fight and Council supported her unanimously to continue the contract with Michelle Bain on a month to month basis while staff review the costing and service layout for animal control service in Glanbrook. By motion at City Council the following was approved unanimously:

A) That staff be directed to conduct a review of Animal Control Service Delivery in the former Township of Glanbrook.

B) That staff be directed to complete the review and report back to the Planning Committee by the Fall of 2011 with their report.

C) The current animal service contract in Glanbrook is extended on a month to month basis pending completion of this review.

D) That the estimated additional cost for the month to month contract be funded firstly from the Planning and Economic Development Budget; secondly from the 2011 corporate surplus and thirdly from the tax stabilization reserve.

It is hoped that this review will prove affiances and savings as a result of the contracted out level of service. Also, it should show that rural needs are different that urban and that they need different techniques in handling large animals etc. Also, it was agreed that part of the review will include public consultation, so please keep an eye on the Gazette and Brenda’s web page for these dates.

Councillor Johnson would like to thank all the residents who called, wrote and emailed in support of continuing this level of service. Every little bit helped and Brenda was thankful for your assistance. If you would like any further information please call at 905-546-4513 or email or her web at

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