There have been some changes for the applications OPA-10-002 and ZAC-10-008 (for 310 Fall Fair Way, Binbrook) after the public meeting on March 3, 2011 that will be coming forward to the May 17th planning meeting. I want to try to keep everyone in the loop, so if I have missed emailing you personally, please let me know and I’ll add you to my email list.
Please read below the changes and I would really appreciate your comments. I will also ensure that staff are aware of your comments as well.
Your comments will also be included in the package at the May 19th planning meeting. If you wish to speak at the May 19th meeting, please email Carolyn Biggs at the City Clerks office 905-546-2424, ext 2604. Her email is
If you need clarification on anything, feel free to contact me personally.
The concerns stated by the residents were:
Traffic, eliminate driveway coming off Valiant Circle
Snow removal
Currently the Glanbrook zoning by-law will allow 102 units. With the modifications, the application now sits at 82 units. To satisfy the intensification by-law, there will be three storey units that will sit facing Binbrook Road and the other 3 storey units will sit inside the complex. Units facing Falls Fair Way will be 2 storey town homes and the units facing Valiant Circle are a mix of single units and one storey town houses in keeping with the characteristics of that street.
Garage space will be enforced to 3 x 6 metres (10 x 20 feet). This has been an ongoing problem in Binbrook when the garage sizes have been made smaller with added stairs. The family car cannot get into the garage if there is other items such as a garbage can situated inside. Quite a few developments in Binbrook have much smaller garages. This 3 x 6 is the standard size that I have been fighting for to allow for storage and the family vehicle.
Driveways will be 2.75 metres before the sidewalks to allow for an additional car.
2 end units were deleted to make room for 9 more parking spaces (50 in total). This allows for one car space for every 2 units. (please note, Glanbrook by-law is 1 space for every 4 units as you can tell from other developments in the area).
It was suggested that the driveway be removed from Valiant Circle and added to Binbrook Road. In order to situate the road so it doesn’t negatively impact the existing homes on Binbrook Road, the road will be too close to the “round a bout”. From a safety perspective, both Planning and Traffic staff highly recommend against this recommendation.
Although this wasn’t discussed as the engineers were not present when I met with staff, I am fully aware of the drainage problems especially within the Valiant Circle area. I will have a meeting with the engineering staff to ensure that the drainage/grading plan is adhered to going forward.
Snow removal:
Within this development, there is small landscaping areas where the snow will be piled during the winter months.
Again, these are the changes that have been made and are coming forward for the May 19th planning committee. I would really appreciate your comments. I have cc’d the planning staff on this message as well. When you write your comments, please press “reply all” so both the staff and I can read your comments/concerns going forward.
Brenda Johnson
Councillor for Ward 11
Serving the communities of::
Winona, Upper Stoney Creek and Glanbrook

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