is located at Christ Church – Anglican – 1307 Woodburn Rd, PO Box 18, Hannon, ON L0R 1P0
Call to confirm times please 905-692-3781 905-692-3472

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In order to complete maintenance on the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway (LINC), the City of Hamilton will be closing the parkway for two weekends. The LINC will be closed, one side at a time, for a whole weekend on each side.

Weekend closure dates

The work is weather permitting, however at this time is planned for:
■ WESTBOUND: June 12 at 1 pm until June 14 at 11 pm

Maintenance work details

The maintenance work will include:

■Spot repairs to the asphalt
■Some sections of shave and pave resurfacing

■Clearing of catch basins
■Some repairs to signage
■Replacement lane markings

the westbound closure will be in effect from the Red Hill Valley Parkway to Hwy 403 in the west end.

While working in the westbound direction, access to the Highway 403 onramps and the Rousseaux street offramp will be reduced to one lane with access available from the Golf Links Road onramps.

Traffic is expected to increase during these maintenance weekends, and motorists should allow extra time and plan alternate routes.

The City of Hamilton thanks residents for their patience and cooperation as we complete these important infrastructure repairs.

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HAMILTON, ON – The City of Hamilton, in consultation with Hamilton Public Health Services, is developing a framework for a gradual and safe reopening of licensed child care centres in the city.
As noted in yesterday’s provincial announcement, all centres will be required to follow strict health protocols and meet additional requirements to safely reopen. The new protocols include enhanced cleaning, mandatory screening of staff and children, limitations on visitors, and ensuring an updated COVID-19 response plan is in place. Additionally, restrictions on the size of groups will be limited to 10 individuals per room, including both staff and children.
The City’s framework will be based on the direction of the local Medical Officer of Health, and will outline the requirements for all licensed child care providers in Hamilton, including completing and passing a Public Health inspection prior to reopening. All staff will also be required to complete mandatory training prior to reopening.

Quick Facts
• There are 234 child care locations in Hamilton operated by 94 child care organizations.
• The City of Hamilton is one of 47 service system managers across the province designated under the Child Care and Early Years Act to manage child care services.
• The Ministry of Education is responsible for licensing and ensuring compliance of child care centres in Ontario.
• More than 14,000 child care spaces were available in Hamilton for children ages 0 to 12 years (as of March 17, 2020). As part of the reopening, the number of available spaces at each location will be greatly reduced in order to meet new provincial protocols.
• Emergency child care has been available to frontline essential workers through three licensed home child care agencies since late March, free of charge. It will wind down effective June 26 and families will be supported by the City to return to their previous arrangement, or find new space during the transition back to regular child care.

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Provincial Updates
In consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Ontario government announced the gradual resumption of visits to long-term care homes, retirement homes, and other residential care settings. Visits will resume next Thursday, June 18, 2020, one week after the release of visitor guidelines. They will be subject to strict health and safety protocols, including requiring visitors to pass active screening every time they visit, confirming with staff that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous two weeks, and complying with the infection prevention and control protocols. This includes bringing and wearing a face covering during visits.
Additionally, long-term care and retirement homes, as well as other residential care settings, must meet the following conditions before they welcome visitors:
• Homes must not be in outbreak;
• Homes must have an established process for communicating visitor protocol and the associated safety procedures; and
• Homes must maintain the highest infection prevention and control standards.
For retirement homes, visitor admissions will vary from home to home depending upon their individual circumstances.

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Take-Out Library Service and Wi-Fi Available

HAMILTON, ON – June 11, 2020 – To keep Hamilton reading, listening and watching, while taking precautionary public health measures, Hamilton Public Library (HPL) is offering take-out (curbside) service of on-hold books, music and movies, starting June 23, 2020.

Customers are encouraged to check their library accounts starting the week of June 15, to adjust any holds they’ve read/listened to over the pause. Customers have the opportunity to pick up holds placed before March 14 and over the pause, as well as add new holds to their account. Customers can adjust holds by logging in at or calling 905.546.3200 for assistance. Customers are notified when their holds are ready.

Central Library, as well as Red Hill, Terryberry and Dundas branches, are the first four locations to offer take-out service. Pick-up appointments begin June 23, 2020 and can be scheduled 11:30am – 6:30pm Tuesday through Thursday or 11:30am – 4:30pm Friday and Saturday. When customers receive notice their holds are ready for pick up, they can then reserve a pick-up time online at or by calling 905.546.3200.

A HPL library card and personal identification number (PIN) is needed to reserve and pick up items. Library customers are also able to schedule and pick up holds for two family members/friends during their appointment. Step-by-step instructions on how-to pick up holds are available at

“While we know many residents have utilized our enhanced online services and collections, we understand Hamilton residents miss their library and we thank you for your patience. The take-out service provides customers new materials while putting in place safety precautions to slowly reopen,” said Paul Takala, Hamilton Public Library’s Chief Librarian. “It’s vital to keep reading, watching and learning, while maintaining our community’s health and safety. We are in this together.”

Customers are encouraged to book a pick-up appointment to maintain physical distancing. Staff will not accept returned items at pick-up appointments. Please put your return items in the Library drop boxes. Returned items are held for 72 hours to ensure customer and staff safety. Staff wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling materials. Branches remain closed. Wi-Fi is available outside of all branches.

Customers and staff are asked to maintain physical distancing. Hand-sanitizing stations are available at the four take-out branches.

We are working on opening more branches in the next phase of reopening: Ancaster, Kenilworth, Saltfleet, Sherwood, Turner Park and Waterdown branches. All locations will eventually be open for this service when enhanced cleaning and other safety protocols that are in place. In the coming weeks, we will provide additional information about our phased reopening plan and will continue to work with the City of Hamilton and Public Health. Our highest priority is keeping residents and staff safe.

Hamilton Public Library offers online resources, programming and services 24/7 at Library staff are available by phone (905.546.3200), email ( and chat at

About Hamilton Public Library
The Hamilton Public Library is a vibrant hub for information and culture, providing our diverse community the Freedom to Discover. As one of the largest library systems in Canada, Hamiltonians will discover something new at our 22 locations, two bookmobiles, or through our extensive digital collections. Visit us online at Connect with us on Twitter @hamiltonlibrary and Facebook at HamiltonPublicLibrary.

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Call 905-546-2489 to report a problem with a City tree.

Problems to report include:

■branches hanging down or touching hydro lines
■trees damaged or fallen down
■trees appearing dead or diseased
■a tree growing so big that is it damaging property

■trees with bee or wasp nests
■trees with a swing hanging from its branches
■tree roots above the grass

Once a report is filed, a forestry investigator will be assigned to:
■determine the priority of the tree
■schedule the tree for trimming or removal

Bee or wasp nests are removed within 24 hours, unless it is reported on a Friday. The nest is removed on Monday in this case.

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The best time of day to water your lawn is in the early morning, as less water will evaporate, increasing the amount of water that the plants receive.

Avoid watering:
■in the middle of the day when evaporation rates are highest
■on windy days as the wind may redirect the water away from the desired areas
■in the evening as the grass stays wet all night, thus increasing the risk of disease.

The key to successful lawn watering is to water slowly, deeply and infrequently. Complete drying between waterings will eliminate many lawn and garden disease problems.Days that you can water your lawn

Hamilton’s Water Works By-law No. R84-026 restricts lawn and garden watering, car washing and sidewalk or roadway washing to every other day:
■If your home is even-numbered you are permitted to water on even numbered days.
■If your home has an odd-numbered you are permitted to water on odd-numbered days.

For those residents without a municipal address:
■If you live on the west side or north side of the street you are permitted to water on odd-numbered days.
■If you live on the east side or south side of the street you are permitted to water on even-numbered days.

While there are no time restrictions, unless notified by letter or through the media, it is best to water in the early morning or late evening when the water demand is lower.

To complain about a neighbour who is watering their lawn on the incorrect day, call Municipal Law Enforcement at 905-546-2489 and report their exact address.


Residents watering on the incorrect day may:
■receive a warning letter for the first offence
■receive a $65 fine for the second offence

In the event of a watering ban, watering of lawns and gardens is prohibited.

Residents watering during a watering ban may:
■receive a warning letter on the first offence
■receive a $305 fine on the second offence
■receive a summons to appear in court on the third offence

Hand watering using a jug or watering can is permitted.

Here are some tips for increasing your lawn’s root growth:

■Frequent, light watering promotes shallow roots, weed germination and plants that are unable to tolerate dry periods.
■It is best to water established lawns at the rate of 2.5 cm (1 inch) per week, applied at one time. By limiting the watering to once a week you will promote deep root development.
■When watering your lawn, remember that the deeper the roots of your lawn are, the less frequently you need to water it.
■When run-off occurs while watering your lawn and garden in sloped areas, shut off the water and allow the water to be absorbed into the ground. Repeat this process as necessary until sufficient water has been applied to your lawn.

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There are some simple tips that you can follow to keep pests away from your green bin and keep it from smelling bad.
■Line it with flyers or newspaper
■Put it out every week even if it isn’t full
■Rinse it every week after it’s been emptied

Get more tips on how to keep your green bin from walking away on its own

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Report an Accident

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle collision, call one of Hamilton’s Collision Reporting Centres for assistance:
■Hamilton Central – 905-521-1600
■Hamilton East – 905-560-0510
■Hamilton Mountain – 905-385-2426

Report a Crime

All requests requiring immediate attention must be directed to 911 Emergency.

Non-emergency requests should be directed to Switchboard at 905-546-4925. We do not accept reports online.

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Family Fun with a Scavenger Hunt !!

Next time you are out for a walk try a Scavenger Walk, search out the following and cross them off as you find them, or run with the idea and make it your own. Enjoy !!

1. Black Dog
2. Orange Cat
3. Robin Bird
4. Flowering Tree or Bush
5. Baby Stroller
6. 2 door red car
7. white van
8. 4 door black car
9. Motorcycle
10. Blue pickup truck
11. Welcome Sign on a front porch
12. Black shingled roof
13. A lawn with more than 25 dandelions
14. An open garage door
15. Someone walking their dog
16. Someone pushing a stroller
17. A family out for a walk
18. 2 cars in a driveway together
19. Barbeque
20. Canada Flag

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Works scheduled for the week starting June 1, 2020 to June 14, 2020


Public Works Department – Contact Persons:

–Peter Commisso, (City of Hamilton) Project Manager
(905) 546-2424 ext. 6302

–Joe Grieci, (City of Hamilton) Project Manager
(905) 546-2424, ext. 5677

–Sinan Omari, (Insituform Technologies) Project Manager
(289) 439-5683

After Hours contact:
Insituform Technologies (905) 523-2605
City of Hamilton (905) 546-CITY (2489)

Contract C13-22-19

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Anthony & Vincent’s Food Drive & Fundraiser Story

May 14, 2020.
In the weeks leading up to Anthony and Vincent’s 7th birthday, Mom Jenny, and Dad Joel, contemplated what, given the circumstances and restrictions around COVID-19, would be a safe, practical and helpful way to commemorate their sons’ birthday. A car parade and drive-by sign party was a good option but they decided to add a twist. Formerly a Manager at Good Shepherd, Women’s Services, Jenny thought about how the pandemic must be impacting all of the community members and the vulnerable population there. After visiting the website, where the greatest needs were listed as: essentials and food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and baby products, it was settled –they would have a food drive and fundraiser.
Mom Jenny got in touch with Cathy Wellwood at Good Shepherd’s Development office. As always Cathy was helpful, and quick to offer support and encouragement.
“I quickly designed some signage, hit up a local store (curbside) to get a giant speaker, borrowed a pop-up tent from our friends in the community, rented some stanchions from the lovely David at Complete Rentals and our fundraiser was well on its way,” said Mom Jenny.
As much as this was about commemorating Anthony and Vincent’s birthday – the fundraiser served so many great purposes.
“We really wanted to teach the boys a lesson about community building and service, as well as helping others in times of need,” said Dad Joel.
The family spent the days leading up to the fundraiser delivering homemade flyers to the Hamilton mountain neighborhood where they live. It was a great family activity and burned off some of that quarantine energy too. The family also sent emails to family, friends, school mates, and even their school teacher and principal.
This creative idea and quick action paid off. Even with it being Mother’s Day – family, friends, school mates and neighbors alike, came out in large numbers to support.
“We were so happy with the turnout – we had a steady pace of supporters all day. One family would pull up, enter the stanchion guided tent area, have their photo taken quickly, and exit before the next family, and family after that did the same. So many neighbors came on foot even donating PPE (latex gloves), toilet paper and many more items”, said Jenny. “It was really great seeing neighbors that we haven’t met or had the pleasure of speaking too during our time living here. We received a lot of thanks from people who said they were happy to help but weren’t sure how to start,” said Jenny.
It was a memorable, albeit, non-traditional birthday celebration. The family met their goal of filling an entire pick-up truck including the cab and back seat with food items, cleaning supplies and baby products, as well as raising $1,300 for donation to Good Shepherd.

Thank you Jenny Battaglia, Mount Hope Resident, for sending this “Great News Glanbrook” story in so it could be shared !!

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HAMILTON, ON – Earlier today, Paul Johnson, Director of the City of Hamilton’s Emergency Operations Centre, delivered a presentation to Hamilton City Council outlining Hamilton’s COVID-19 recovery plan. Hamilton Reopens outlines the City’s plan for a gradual, safe and measured reopening of municipal facilities and restart of City services and programs. Since COVID-19 began to spread in Hamilton in March 2020, the City has taken steps to prioritize the health and safety of residents and employees. Municipal facilities were closed, and programming and events were cancelled. Many municipal services were able to continue, and the organization found new and different ways to continue delivering as many services as possible.

The Hamilton Reopens plan serves as a roadmap to our new reality – one where COVID-19 is present in our community. It outlines the steps the City will take to keep residents and employees safe and provides a plan for the safe reopening of facilities and the restart of services and programs.

Quick Facts about Hamilton Reopens:

• Hamilton Reopens has three overarching phases, each aligning generally with the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Framework.

• The City will take guidance from the Province of Ontario as we move between phases. However, reopening in Hamilton will depend on the pandemic situation within our city, and may not align exactly with the Province’s phases.

• Advice from the provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health, our local Medical Officer of Health and other public health officials will help determine the speed at which we proceed through the phases of reopening and will help to determine if health and safety measures need to be adjusted at any time.

• No dates are referenced for any of the phases.

• Hamilton Reopens will be updated regularly and will likely change as the COVID-19 emergency evolves, and as the Province of Ontario updates its Emergency Orders and makes announcements for reopening businesses, schools, child care and more.

The City of Hamilton delivers more than 70 services to the community. During the COVID-19 emergency, some of these services have continued, and some have continued on a modified basis. Some services were postponed or cancelled due to resourcing or other health and safety related concerns. Hamilton Reopens provides information on each City service through each of the phases of reopening.

The report also outlines the steps the City will take to keep residents and employees healthy and safe in municipal facilities and spaces as staff as we start to slowly reopen. It identifies 15 municipal workplaces or environments, some where residents may visit and outlines the different requirements and controls that will be in place in each of them.

A full version of the plan is available at

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Dear Registrant/Organizer

The City of Hamilton continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in collaboration with Hamilton Public Health Services and the Province of Ontario. All City Recreation facilities remain closed until further notice and the City has enacted several further measures designed to limit physical distancing.

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the City has made the decision to cancel all City-run summer Camp Kidaca and registered programs. Staff are investigating alternate summer programming options for July and August. Refunds will be issued by email request at

Rental bookings and special events are currently cancelled up to July 2, 2020 and sports fields remain closed for permitted activities. Currently, we are not accepting reservations for future dates. Organizations and residents are asked to be patient during this cancellation phase as delays are expected.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available. Please refer to for current updates.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming your group in the future.

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Here are some inspiring stories of our children keeping busy.
(note from Councillor Johnson’s office…Unfortunately the videos were too large to post, but we still wanted to share their efforts)

Our son Amadeo who learned how to ride his bike and now takes breaks to pray for Covid-19 to go away. Also Amadeo and his pet rabbit Marshmellow defining HOPE for Catholic Education Week- Corpus Christi Catholic ES

Our daughter Chiara making her own crepes and exploring the baking world!
Pictures of lemons and baking the best Sicilian desserts called “taralli siciliani” perfected by my mother Rosa and now my brother Joe.

Enjoy your day, stay safe and thanks for all you do.

Thank you for sending this in Charlie Agro and our apologies for not being able to include the videos.

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