HAMILTON, ON – Earlier today, Paul Johnson, Director of the City of Hamilton’s Emergency Operations Centre, delivered a presentation to Hamilton City Council outlining Hamilton’s COVID-19 recovery plan. Hamilton Reopens outlines the City’s plan for a gradual, safe and measured reopening of municipal facilities and restart of City services and programs. Since COVID-19 began to spread in Hamilton in March 2020, the City has taken steps to prioritize the health and safety of residents and employees. Municipal facilities were closed, and programming and events were cancelled. Many municipal services were able to continue, and the organization found new and different ways to continue delivering as many services as possible.

The Hamilton Reopens plan serves as a roadmap to our new reality – one where COVID-19 is present in our community. It outlines the steps the City will take to keep residents and employees safe and provides a plan for the safe reopening of facilities and the restart of services and programs.

Quick Facts about Hamilton Reopens:

• Hamilton Reopens has three overarching phases, each aligning generally with the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Framework.

• The City will take guidance from the Province of Ontario as we move between phases. However, reopening in Hamilton will depend on the pandemic situation within our city, and may not align exactly with the Province’s phases.

• Advice from the provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health, our local Medical Officer of Health and other public health officials will help determine the speed at which we proceed through the phases of reopening and will help to determine if health and safety measures need to be adjusted at any time.

• No dates are referenced for any of the phases.

• Hamilton Reopens will be updated regularly and will likely change as the COVID-19 emergency evolves, and as the Province of Ontario updates its Emergency Orders and makes announcements for reopening businesses, schools, child care and more.

The City of Hamilton delivers more than 70 services to the community. During the COVID-19 emergency, some of these services have continued, and some have continued on a modified basis. Some services were postponed or cancelled due to resourcing or other health and safety related concerns. Hamilton Reopens provides information on each City service through each of the phases of reopening.

The report also outlines the steps the City will take to keep residents and employees healthy and safe in municipal facilities and spaces as staff as we start to slowly reopen. It identifies 15 municipal workplaces or environments, some where residents may visit and outlines the different requirements and controls that will be in place in each of them.

A full version of the plan is available at www.hamilton.ca/reopens

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Dear Registrant/Organizer

The City of Hamilton continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in collaboration with Hamilton Public Health Services and the Province of Ontario. All City Recreation facilities remain closed until further notice and the City has enacted several further measures designed to limit physical distancing.

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the City has made the decision to cancel all City-run summer Camp Kidaca and registered programs. Staff are investigating alternate summer programming options for July and August. Refunds will be issued by email request at recreation.registration@hamilton.ca.

Rental bookings and special events are currently cancelled up to July 2, 2020 and sports fields remain closed for permitted activities. Currently, we are not accepting reservations for future dates. Organizations and residents are asked to be patient during this cancellation phase as delays are expected.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available. Please refer to https://www.hamilton.ca/coronavirus for current updates.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming your group in the future.

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Here are some inspiring stories of our children keeping busy.
(note from Councillor Johnson’s office…Unfortunately the videos were too large to post, but we still wanted to share their efforts)

Our son Amadeo who learned how to ride his bike and now takes breaks to pray for Covid-19 to go away. Also Amadeo and his pet rabbit Marshmellow defining HOPE for Catholic Education Week- Corpus Christi Catholic ES

Our daughter Chiara making her own crepes and exploring the baking world!
Pictures of lemons and baking the best Sicilian desserts called “taralli siciliani” perfected by my mother Rosa and now my brother Joe.

Enjoy your day, stay safe and thanks for all you do.

Thank you for sending this in Charlie Agro and our apologies for not being able to include the videos.

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If you have lost or found a pet, please contact Hamilton Animal Services at 905-574-3433 as soon as possible. Found animals are held at the shelter for 5 business days.

If you have lost your pet, visit our shelter regularly at 247 Dartnall Road, Hamilton, ON. The shelter is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm to view lost/found pets.

Photos and information for the animals currently in the care of Hamilton Animal Services is posted on there website. If you see an animal that might be yours, please contact Animal Services immediately. Government identification is required to enter the shelter and claim your pet. You will be responsible for any pound, boarding and veterinarian fees associated with the care of your animal.

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There are lots of great news things happening in our Community during Covid 19 and we are asking Glanbrook residents to send in the news so we can all share in the “GREAT NEWS GLANBROOK”.

Check out the “GREAT NEWS GLANBROOK” news items on this page !!


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We are aware that a lot of residents are out on their bikes lately with the warmer weather.

We’d like to take this time to remind both vehicles and cyclists, to please share the road safely.

Vehicles need to give plenty of room when passing a cyclist and those on bikes need to move over or be in single file when a car is trying to pass or get around them.

We have heard that our City Busses are doing a great job of moving around the cyclists, so big shout out in thanks to the Bus Drivers!!!

We have also heard that many cyclists are riding together as a family and are doing so in single file, another big shout out to them.

Unfortunately, we still hear from time to time about some of the frustrations of those not sharing the road, so please do your best to practice safety while using the roads !!

Thanks again to all for everything they do during these difficult social distancing times!!

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Planning and economic development staff are initiating the Glancaster Road Phase 3 & 4 environmental assessment. In order for field work to start they are seeking Permission to Enter from land owners abutting the existing right of way and within the 37m Right of Way study area. The consulting team is in the process of being hired.

If your property lies within this area you can expect to receive duplicate letters. One that can be returned via mail and one that can be kept for your own information. You will also receive a letter explaining the background of the project and the expected works along the abutting properties – within the proposed total 37m right of way width.

Staff are asking the letters to be received by next Tuesday May 26 and are asking that they be returned by June 12, 2020. Scanned copies are also accepted and welcome.

Please follow the link to see the study map and background information on the project:


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Margaret Haynes, 28 Ecker Lane, Binbrook, instructs an open Zumba Class in front of her house at 10 AM Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, weather permitting.

Normally, this former educator, spends her winters in Mexico and instructs a class there, but this year she and her husband Gary had to come home early because of the Covid-19 crisis.

In lieu of payment for her services, the participants contribute on Fridays a non-perishable item towards Roger Boyd’s Men’s Street Ministry that feeds Hamilton’s homeless 7 days weekly.

This is an open class and is growing in numbers each week, The participants get some great exercise, get to know their neighbours and have a lot of fun to the beat of Mexican music.

Hey Brenda, you are welcome to drop by and even join in if you like.


Thank you for sending this in Jim Mcintosh

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Coleen and Dan Rakoczy held a food drive at Twenty Place to support Neighbour to Neighbour.

Thank you for sending this in C VanHoevelaak

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Glimpses of a Neighbourhood Standing Together, Apart.
It’s a sun-drenched, blue-skied, cool spring day and I’ve just come back from a late afternoon jog along the streets of Mount Hope.
The sun dazzled me in a lavish shower of Vitamin D, birds trilled from yet-naked trees, daffodils swayed and danced in the breeze, and I waved over-enthusiastically to yet another (socially distanced) neighbour.

Today’s jaunt around the neighbourhood revealed a Mount Hope community that is trying its hardest to stand together while apart; that is trying its hardest to stand strong during the crazy of COVID-19; that is trying its hardest to find its way in the middle of loss, cancellations, and isolation.
A gaggle of siblings bounce boisterously on their backyard trampoline. I see their heads bouncing above the fence at rhythmic intervals.
An older gentleman is sitting on a lawn chair in the mouth of his open garage. He is wearing sunglasses and waving to any and everyone who strolls by.

A young father carefully cuts his lawn in the middle of a Monday afternoon. His young son pushes a plastic lawnmower and follows at his heels.
Several young sisters chalk encouraging messages, fun challenges, and hopscotch squares all over their front sidewalk.
A teenaged boy roller blades and stick-handles a hockey ball adeptly around water-bottles on his driveway.
A husband and wife wearing dirt-smeared joggers hoe and dig and work side-by-side in their front garden.
And it strikes me that they and everyone I have seen today is busy tending to the things they have.

(I am speaking about the #stayhome people here. Not the frontline workers and essential workers….I know that you are working hard and around the clock and tirelessly and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! We pray for you every day.)

But these #stayhome people in my neighbourhood; I’m talking about you and the way that you are busy tending to the things you have….
Rather than running to the next appointment or class or meeting or sport practice or store or obligation.
Because you cannot go out and you cannot bring the kids to school and you cannot go to work or you have reduced hours; because of this, you are tending to the things you have:
Reading the books you own.
Hanging out with the people you live with or live beside.
Cutting your grass or polishing your boat or walking your dog or watching your boys bike over their home-made ramp for the 873rd time.
Making the most of your space, your time, and your relationships.
And I tell you, Mount Hope. It looks like a beautiful thing.
It looks like a community standing strong and standing together even while we keep apart.
May God bless you all.

Thanks for sending this in Brigette V

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This past May long weekend, a team of WSCC Condo 3 residents, cleaned the city owned wooded area at the corner of Twenty Road and Garth Streets. The team consisted of Kathy and Rick Clark, Ralph Carter, Terry Daw, and Glenn and Shelley Davis, all of Tallforest Drive.

It was a tough job and the latest report indicates that 100 discarded pooh bags, many empty liquor bottles, and multiple bags of trash were dragged out.

I know you are a believer in people and businesses partnering with the city and wanted to recognize the efforts of these folks. This is doubly important because during normal times many folks walk the sidewalks and wooded area; but now………..with covid 19 there are many extra walkers.

So a big “shout out” to these men and women……….how good is this effort

Thanks for sending this in Dave Williams

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– Re-opening of Skate Parks, Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts and Golf Courses.
– Summer Camp refunds will be issued.
– Leaf & Yard Waste Collection Returns to normal starting this Monday, May 25th.
– Still remaining closed are City Facilities and City Waterfalls.
– Parking Changes allow the first 30 min free to assist with business reopening and curbside pickup.
– Public Health advises wearing a Face Mask when going out to run errands and when social distancing is not possible.

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Public health officials began recommending this week that the public wear face masks when going out to run errands, attend medical appointments, taking transit, etc.

HSR is strongly encouraging customers to consider wearing a face covering when using public transit. It is not mandatory but can help protect others in spaces where physical distancing can be hard to maintain.

The City wants to remind customers that transit continues to be for essential travel only. Operators are committed to providing a safe, reliable and professional service and will do their best to limit instances of over-crowding by monitoring the boardings of 10 or 15 customers the best they can, while safely operating buses. The public is reminded to adhere to the public health measures that have been put in place.

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The City is starting regular weekly leaf and yard waste collection on Monday, May 25. There is no change to the schedule that was in place, pre-COVID-19 – leaf and yard waste will be collected on residents’ regularly scheduled waste collection day.

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Skate Parks
Today, the City announced the reopening of skate parks. Any users of skate parks must continue to maintain two metres of physical distance from other users and should remember to practice good hand hygiene.

Tennis Courts
As of today, municipal outdoor tennis courts in Hamilton have also reopened. Guidelines for the safe use of tennis courts have been shared on the City’s website. All users must continue to maintain two metres of physical distance from other users and should remember to practice good hand hygiene.

Pickleball Courts
Similarly, municipal pickleball courts have also reopened. Guidelines for the safe use of pickleball courts have been shared on the City’s website. All users must continue to maintain two metres of physical distance from other users and should remember to practice good hand hygiene.

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