Thank you to everyone who attended the community policing meeting at the Glanbrook Municipal Centre last Thursday. It was a very informative meeting with many thoughtful questions being asked.

Three police officers were in attendance including our local Crime Manager Sargent Clark, Acting Sargent Woodard, and Auxiliary Officer Eleftheiou. These officers gave presentations as well as took questions from those who attended.

The following information was shared:

The top three traffic complaints in the area are for speeding, trucks off truck routes and running of stop signs. Council does not have jurisdiction over day to day operations of the Hamilton Police. when Councillor Johnson’s office receives complaints of these nature they are forwarded to the police services.

Ward 11 is a part of the Hamilton Police’s division 30. This division also encompasses the areas of Ancaster, Flamborough, Dundas, Upper Stoney Creek and the entire Hamilton Mountain. The Glanbrook area makes up 5% of the population of Division 30, and 7% of its total housing. Beat officers within Division 30 must first attend to 911 calls and other emergencies before taking on traffic enforcement duties.

There are over 300 traffic tickets given a month in ward 11, White church Road is one of the highest with approximately 50 tickets a month being administered on the street.

In relation to the rest of the city, ward 11 experiences
– 2.6% of total break & enters
– 0.4% of robberies
– 5.8% of automobile thefts
– 2.6% of thefts from automobiles
– 1.9% of total calls for services

The Hamilton Police Services has a crime mapping program that is available to the public to identify when and where certain types of crime have taken place in Hamilton during the last 60 days. You can find the crime mapping website by Clicking Here

A presentation was also made regarding crime prevention with tips on how to make your property safer. Crime Prevention Tips

In addition to posting the information on her web & social media pages, Councillor Johnson’s office sends out email notifications regarding times and dates of upcoming public meetings and community events. If you would like to be added to this list please email with your name & valid email address.

If you have any ideas or requests for what you would like the next public meeting to cover, please also email with the topic and she will add it to her list of future meetings.

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I will be hosting a community meeting on Thursday October 3rd , 6:30pm at the Glanbrook Municipal Service Centre to address community policing concerns. All Glanbrook residents are invited to attend to view a presentation from the Hamilton Police Service as well as ask questions to our local crime manager. Police will also talk about what residents can do to help promote safer communities. Hope to see you there!

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The replacement of a cross culvert will require that Twenty Rd. E. be CLOSED to through traffic between Miles Road and the easterly intersection with Greti Drive, as scheduled for Wed. September 18, between 9 am. and 2 pm.

The culvert’s road excavation site is between #7155 and #7186 Twenty Rd. E. (0.65 km westerly of Miles Rd.).

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A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment study is planned for the block of land bounded by Twenty Road West, Upper James Street, Dickenson Road West & Glancaster Road.

There is a proposal to develop the area and this study must be done as part of the preliminary process.

Public information Centres (public meetings) will be held to discuss issues related to the project, including alternative solutions and designs, evaluation criteria, environmental impacts and mitigation measures. Dates and details of this meeting will become available as the study progresses.

For more information please see the notice in it’s entirety through the following link: Notice of Study Commencement

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The City of Hamilton will close all eastbound lanes on the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway (LINC) this weekend to conduct maintenance.

The eastbound lanes will be closed from Mohawk Road W to the Upper Red Hill Valley Parkway/Mud Street beginning at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, September 6 until approximately 11 p.m. on Sunday, September 8. Access between Hwy 403 and the Mohawk Road exit will be maintained.

This closure marks the second of two maintenance weekends on the LINC that will allow crews to complete spot repairs to the asphalt, some sections of shave and pave resurfacing, clearing of catch basins, installation of new reflectors and repairs to some signage.

More details are available at and on Twitter @CityofHamilton

Traffic is expected to increase as a result of the closures, and motorists should allow extra time and plan alternate routes.

The City of Hamilton thanks residents for their patience and cooperation as we complete these important infrastructure repairs.

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Please be advised that construction is scheduled to commence at the Mount Hope Community Park the week of August 26.

Work is being done to remedy the ongoing issue with standing water in the baseball diamond outfield. Minor regrading, in ground drainage, the relocation of one fitness station and pathway restoration will be taking place.

Weather permitting the work is scheduled to be completed by mid – September.

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The replacement of a cross culvert will require that White Church Rd. E. be CLOSED to through traffic midway between Tyneside and Nebo Roads, scheduled tomorrow, July 31 between 9 am. and 2 pm.

Access to the following municipal address ranges is available as follows:

• 6136 White Church Rd. E. and greater address # being accessible only from the west (Tyneside Rd. side)
• 6105 White Church. Rd. E. and lesser address # being accessible only from the east (Nebo Rd. side)

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The Glanbrook Conservation Committee has been operating in Glanbrook since 1991. Their focus is on improving the habitat and wildlife in the Binbrook Conservation Area. They take part in a variety of duties & activities such as the care & building of nesting structures for ducks and other birds, the maintenance and creation of trails and also the administering of workshops, trail walks, and children’s group activities.

The Glanbrook Conservation committee is made up of 100% volunteers and works in partnership with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the Binbrook Conservation Area but relies on funding through fundraisers and community donors.

Councillor Johnson sits on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board and as a member of this board receives a per diem payment. She has asked the NPCA that in lieu of receiving this per diem have it made out in a cheque to the Glanbrook Conservation Committee to help continue their efforts in Glanbrook. Pictured is Brenda presenting a cheque to Brett Harrison & Andy Fevez of the Glanbrook Conservation Committee, for just over $600 for the first quarter of the year.

If you would like to get involved with the Glanbrook Conservation Committee or make a donation please visit their website at

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The replacement of two concrete culvert structures on Blackheath Road will result in Blackheath Rd. being closed between Hall Road & Haldibrook Road, starting from July 2nd until end of November 2019.

Access to the following municipal address ranges is available as follows:

• 6191 Blackheath Rd. and less address # being accessible only from the north (Hall Rd.)
• 6266 Blackheath Rd. and greater address # being accessible only from the south (Haldibrook Rd.)

A detour route has been posted for through traffic deviated from Blackheath Rd. to use the following roads:
• Hall Rd. / Harrison Rd. / Haldibrook Rd.

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3311 Homestead Drive:
Sonoma Homes has submitted a revised site plan application for the lands south of Airport Road, east of Homestead Drive & west of Upper James Street in Mount Hope.
The applicant is proposing the development of a 600m two storey commercial office building, along with 167 Townhouse dwellings consisting of two and three storey designs. With respect to parking, 59 visitor parking spaces is being proposed for the townhouse dwellings and 22 spaces and one loading space are proposed for the commercial office building.

Please note this plan has been altered to reduce the overall units by 30 and also remove all back to back townhomes.

This application is still under review by the city’s development review team.

3311 Homestead Drive

3300 Homestead Drive
The City of Hamilton has received an application to develop a three storey multiple residential building consisting of 24 units and 25 parking spaces at the property of 3300 Homestead Drive. The property is currently zoned mixed use medium density. This application has been tentatively approved pending the fulfilment of conditions set before them by the City of Hamilton’s planning department.

3300 Homestead Drive Apartment

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Construction on the northbound (downbound) lanes of the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) is nearing completion.

Re-opening of the northbound lanes will occur slowly in stages beginning mid-day today, June 12. Ramps at the north end of the parkway will reopen first, and it is anticipated that the entire parkway will be open by early evening.
The speed limit on both sides of the RHVP will remain at 80 km/hr between Greenhill and the QEW. Hamilton Police Services will be conducting enhanced enforcement in the area.

Construction in the southbound (upbound) lanes will begin on Friday, June 14 at 10 p.m. All lanes will be completely closed in the southbound direction between the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway at Mud St/Stone Church Road for approximately three weeks.
Additional resources:
The City of Hamilton thanks residents for their patience and cooperation as we complete these important infrastructure repairs to the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

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There is an APPROVED application for a 6 storey mixed use residential building at 3435 Binbrook Road. This application is coming to the Committee of Adjustments on Thursday June 27th at City Hall for a minor variance to permit the addition of a hydro transformer into their landscaped area.

If you have have any concerns with a transformer being included into the landscaping at this property please contact Scott Baldry of the committee of adjustments at 905-546-2424 ext. 4144 or

The public are also welcome to attend this meeting and speak to the committee regarding this request. The meeting will take place on Thursday, June 27th at 1:35pm in Rooms 192 & 193 on the first floor of City Hall.

This application for 6 storeys has already been APPROVED. The meeting is only to discuss the addition of a transformer to a landscaped area along the easterly lot line.

A reminder that approval for the 6 storey building was given in 2007 when the property received “special permission” to exceed the 3 storey height limit. Council approved this application in 2007 (prior to my becoming Councillor).

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There are now both planning and building staff available to assist you at the Glanbrook Municipal Service Centre (4280 Binbrook Road, across the parking lot from the arena) every Tuesday from 1pm – 4:30pm. If you have a question about zoning, planning procedures, permit applications, land usage or any other planning or building related inquiry, these staff can help!

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Due to a very rainy Spring combined with some grading issues, Mount Hope Community Park is experiencing flooding problems which has delayed grass maintenance in the park. Because the water is sitting the ground remains wet making the use of the heavy machinery used to clear the area unusable without causing extreme damage to the land.

City staff is working on a suitable plan to remedy these issues and have this park back into shape as soon as possible.

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This Summer, two bridges on Blackheath Road between Hall Road & Haldibrook Road will be replaced. The work also includes road pulverization between the two bridges & guide rail construction.

Blackheath Road between Hall Road & Haldibrook Road will be closed to through for the duration of construction which is estimated at approximately 4 months. All works are expected to be completed and open to traffic by the end of October, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact my office.

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