This past Thursday April 19 an Ontario Municipal Board pre – hearing was held regarding a proposal for a ten-storey building on Binbrook Road. (Please follow the links for further information on this topic: Ten Storey Update 1 ; Ten Storey Update 2)

The OMB pre-hearing is an opportunity to determine the formal hearing dates and times and to also identify hearing participants. At the hearing this past Thursday it was determined that another pre-hearing would take place on November 1, 2018 at 10am at the new OMB location downtown Hamilton.

The pre-hearing was rescheduled to give the applicant the opportunity to have settlement discussions with City staff. Please note that at this time staff has been instructed to deny this application in its current form and also know that staff cannot agree to a settlement without council’s approval. The application will need to go through council before a settlement is granted or denied. The rescheduling of the pre-hearing will also give those wishing to seek a party or participant status to find time to organize their statements and decide which status they would most like to seek.

If a settlement is reached prior to November 1 it will be presented at the pre-hearing on November 1. If it is brought to a hearing, a hearing will likely not occur until Fall of 2019.

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In order to accommodate asphalt resurfacing repair work on the escarpment crossing section of New Mountain Rd. between Ridge Rd. and the CPR overpass structure by Leslie Dr., New Mountain Road will be CLOSED to through traffic between Ridge Rd. and King St. E., for the 2 day period of Thursday April 19th (at 9 am) until the early evening of Friday April 20th.

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With Spring comes warmer weather & rain, the City of Hamilton is reminding residents to take steps to prevent flooding in and around their homes, and be cautious around all bodies of water.

City crews are working proactively to clear catch basins and inspect flooding hot spots across the city, and the City is providing the following tips for residents to reduce the risk of flooding:

•Keep catch basins in front of your home clear of snow and ice and other debris. ‎
•If your home has a backwater valve installed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure that it is functioning properly.
•Check your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.
•If your home or area is prone to flooding you may want to consider ensuring any valuables are up off of basement floors.

Conditions may result in road flooding and/or ponding in low lying areas such as backyards and drainage areas. Residents should exercise caution around all bodies of water including near creeks, bridges, culverts and dams, and to keep children and pets away from bodies of water. Motorists should be cautious if driving on flooded roads.

Please call 905-546-CITY to report sewer back-ups, flooding over roadways, fallen trees or debris in drainage ditches or culverts.

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Councillor Johnson will be hosting an informal meeting for any residents who are considering attending or participating at the April 19th OMB hearing regarding the application for a 10 storey building at 3033, 3047, 3055 and 3053 Binbrook Road (behind Shoppers Drug Mart). (OMB Case # PL170981)

The Councillor will be available at this time to talk with residents about the process and what to expect at the OMB hearing. She will also be able to respond to information requests that can assist you with this process.

If you are interested, the meeting will be on Thursday, April 12th at 6:30pm at the Glanbrook Office, 4280 Binbrook Rd., next to the Glanbrook Arena.

Please remember that if you wish your comments heard and are unable to attend, you can email the OMB case worker on the file If you could cc Councillor Johnson on your letters to Graham Frank, it would be appreciated. (

As a reminder the following is the post from the my web page regarding this proposed application.

See below some frequently asked questions regarding this case:


Will this hearing be heard under the old OMB rules or under the new LPAT rules? (See CBC article for more information on the change – OMB CBC Article)

We’ve inquired with the OMB about this and what they have told us is that part of the new LPAT act legislates that all matters currently proceeding before the OMB will continue to be processed as a legacy file under the OMB Act. So this case will still be processed under the old OMB rules. They will start using LPAT legislation on new files coming forward.

When & Where will the hearing take place? The OMB Prehearing regarding the proposed ten storey building on Binbrook Road, will take place at Dundas Town Hall, 2nd Floor Audit/OMB Hearing Room, located at 60 Main Street, Dundas Hamilton, Ontario, L9H1C8 on Thursday, April 19,2018 at 10:00am

Why has this application gone to the Ontario Municipal Board? The developer was aware that city staff & the councillor would deny their application in its current form. In order to avoid this denial decision, the developer decided instead to take this application directly to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The City was never given the opportunity to deny this project as the developer bypassed this process and went straight to the OMB.

Why is this hearing being held in Dundas and not in Glanbrook? The Ontario Municipal Board holds all of their Hamilton meetings in Dundas as that is their current office location. They are presently building an office downtown, once construction is completed they will be moving their offices there. Brenda has asked staff to move future meetings regarding this application to the Glanbrook Municipal Centre, however they unfortunately are unable to do so because the building doesn’t have the required wheelchair accessibility for the OMB hearing format.

I signed a Petition, What happened to it? The petition that was signed by numerous people last year has been given to the City lawyers who will be able to use it during the OMB hearing as a case against the 10 storey building.

I Can’t Attend the Meeting, How Can I Participate? If you are unable to attend the meeting you can write an email or letter with your concerns and send it to the OMB case worker on the file Graham Frank. Graham can be reached by email at or by mail at

Graham Z. Frank
Case Coordinator – Planner
Ontario Municipal Board
Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario
655 Bay Street, 15th Floor
Toronto ON, M5G 1E5

Again If you would CC Councillor Johnson ( on your emails to Graham, She and her staff would truly appreciate it.

I plan on attending the hearing, How do I participate when there? To participate at the hearing you must be physically there at the start of the hearing and request party or participant status. For more information on what this means and how to do this, follow the link – OMB Party & Participant. We will be discussing this process at the informal meeting on April 19th.

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More than 78 per cent of residents in Hamilton put out their blue boxes each week. The City’s recycling program is very successful, and contributes to the diversion of more than 94,500 tonnes of waste from the landfill each year.

Improving the diversion rate and the increasing the uptake of recycling programs is an important initiative at the City of Hamilton. To help residents better understand their recycling responsibilities, we’re sharing some of the most common mistakes and questions about recycling.

1.Papers in the container box; Containers in the paper box
In Hamilton, we have a “two stream” recycling program – one box for containers (bottles, cans, cartons and jars) and a second box for paper and cardboard. Cross-contamination is the biggest challenge we experience when disposing of recycling materials. Residents should avoid putting out bags filled with unsorted recycling, or bags filled with mixed recyclables.

2.Plastic film
Most plastic film is not recyclable. This includes black garbage bags, mattress covers or wraps, bubble wrap, Ziploc bags, cereal bags, and cheese wrappers. Plastic film also clings to and hides other recyclable materials, which makes sorting more difficult.

3.Paper products
Many residents put paper products in the blue bin when they actually belong in the green cart. Examples of paper that should go in the green cart are: paper towels, paper plates, greasy pizza boxes, paper take out containers. Hard cover books and hot beverage cups are not recyclable and belong in the garbage (unless the hard covers are removed – then they can go in the blue bin!)

4. Dirty recyclables
Residents should rinse out recyclables that once held food – a pickle jar, for example. The City is able to recycle the jar, but not the pickles. Cardboard boxes can be recycled in the paper recycling bin, but if they are greasy or have food scraps on them, they should go into the green cart.

5.Bulky unrecyclable items
Items such as metal and electronics should be properly recycled at one of the City’s three Community Recycling Centres. Bulky unrecyclable items clog up the sorting equipment. Common items we see: pots, pans, coat hangers, scrap metal, Christmas and outdoor lights, electronics, textiles and VHS tapes.

6.Home health waste
Home health products are not recyclable. IV tubing, diabetic supplies, syringes and sharps, and medications are not recyclable. The Ontario Health Product Stewardship Association has details on how to properly dispose of home health waste.

7.Special waste items
The City often receives special waste items that should be properly recycled at one of our Community Recycling Centres, and are not acceptable in the blue bin. This includes batteries, single use propane cylinders (e.g. small camping stove cylinders), compressed cylinders, metal paint cans (unless empty and dry), light bulbs, and ink cartridges.

Residents can download the City’s new mobile app at The app has information about waste collection, including an interactive waste collection calendar and sorting tools.

Additional Resources:
Community Recycling Centre locations
Waste and recycling at the City of Hamilton

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Please note the Winona Community Centre will be closed the evening of Wednesday April 4 due to a power outage. All programming is cancelled and will resume Thursday April 5th.

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All City of Hamilton administrative offices will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2 and will re-open on Tuesday, April 3.

For emergencies involving roads, water mains, sewer systems, public health and safety issues, please call 905-546-CITY (2489).

Green Cart, Recycling and Garbage Collection
There will be no green cart, blue box, bulk waste, yard waste, or garbage pick-up on Friday, March 30. Friday’s pick up will occur on Saturday, March 31. Regular collection on Monday, April 2. Waste must be at the curb by 7 am.
To view your collection schedule, visit Community Recycling Centres and Transfer Stations will be closed on Friday, March 30.

All recreation centres will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1. Arenas will be closed for public programming on Friday March 30, Sunday April 1 and Monday, April 2. Visit the recreation schedule for a list of activities offered on Monday, April 2. Senior Centres will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1. Senior Clubs are running modified program schedules on Friday, March 30 to Monday, April 2. Visit the senior clubs recreation schedule for a list of activities offered from Friday, March 30 to Monday, April 2.

Hamilton Civic Museums
All museums will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2. For further details, visit Hamilton Civic Museums

Hamilton Public Library
All branches of the Hamilton Public Library will be closed on Friday, March 30, Sunday, April 1 and Monday, April 2. Hamilton Public Library locations are open regular hours on Saturday, March 31. For more information on library hours, visit

Animal Services
The Animal Services Shelter will be closed on closed on Friday, March 30, Sunday April 1 and Monday, April 2 and will re-open on Tuesday, April 3.For 24-hour Animal Services emergency issues, please call: 905-574-3433

Ontario Works
All Ontario Works offices will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2, and will re-open on Tuesday, April 3 at 8:30 am. The Career Development Centre located at 181 Main St. W. will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2. It will be re-open on Tuesday, April 3 at 8:30 am.

Public Health Services
For Public Health matters concerning:

Reports of suspected reportable diseases and food poisoning, call 905-546-2063
Reports of environmental spills, fires or other events that may be a health hazard or safety issue, call 905-546-2489
Reports of rabies animal exposures, call 905-546-2489
Safe Water Program issues that may be a health hazard, call 905-546-2489 or visit

DARTS will be operating holiday service hours on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2.All subscription trips on DARTS, with the exception of dialysis, are cancelled for Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2. If passengers need to travel on this day, they must make an advance reservation to do so. ATS customer service will be closed on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2.

Property Tax Payments
During the holiday, you may submit your property tax payment into a drop box at the rear doors of City Hall, 71 Main Street West or at one of our Municipal Service Centres. Only cheque payments will be accepted in the drop box. All Municipal Service Centres will be closed on Friday, March 30, Sunday April 1 and Monday, April 2 and will re-open on Tuesday, April 3 at 8:30 am. Tax payments can also be made online or through telebanking, set up through your financial institution.

Parking Tickets
The Parking Office at 80 Main Street West will be closed Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2. Online payments can be made at:
Payment of parking violations can be made by mail to the pre-printed address indicated on the parking tag or dropped off into the drop box at the nearest Municipal Service Centre or Taxation Division (noted above). The Hamilton Municipal Parking System office at 80 Main St. West, at Summers Lane, also accepts payments for parking violations at its drop box.

Traffic Violations
The Provincial Offences Administration Office at 45 Main St. East, 4th Floor, Suite 408 (John Sopinka Court House) will be closed Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2.Online payments can be made anytime at:

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Starting Monday March 26 the temporary lane control signals on Regional Rd 56 between Guyatt and Golf Club will be active. This single lane control will be in place until November 2018.
Earlier this week message boards were put out to warn the public that this is coming and to expect delays. The contractor and city will monitor traffic flows at the start of the week to see what changes to the timing can be made.
The signals do have “rush hour” settings and settings for other periods of the day. These were developed by the city’s traffic dept. Again we will monitor the first couple days to see what needs to be done.
Motorist will have to exercise PATIENCE for several months and plan accordingly for their destinations. The use of alternate routes is advisable where possible.

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In 1967, the Stoney Creek Chamber initiated its first Citizen of the Year Award. Since then, the recognition has been expanded to recognize great citizens and businesses that have distinguished themselves with outstanding contributions to our community.

Citizen of the Year – The Citizen of the Year award is presented to an individual who continually gives of themselves and helps many others in the process. Their outstanding contributions to Stoney Creek in community service and volunteering define excellence in character and contribute to improving the lives of our citizens.

Junior Citizen of the Year – The Junior Citizen of the Year Award is presented to young people for their outstanding contributions to the community, and within their school.

Outstanding Small Business (1-24 employees) and Outstanding Large Business (25+ employees)
The Outstanding Business Achievement Awards recognize outstanding local businesses and are presented to companies that stand out in our community as a leader. These companies demonstrate outstanding business practices, excellence in community relations, sustainable growth and quality customer service.

DEADLINE for nominations is March 30th so please nominate someone today!!!!
For further details contact the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce at 905-664-4000 or see the Chamber Web for the nomination form.

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A time for local Community Clean Ups!
If you or your group are interested in doing a community clean up or participating in one, please let us know. We can provide bags, gloves and pickup of debris so that it makes cleaning up much easier.
There is no project too bit or small, every little bit helps.

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Most coyote sightings occur during winter months as these relatively shy animals can roam within residential areas without being confronted by people. This is why most coyote reports occur from December through March. Once the milder spring weather settles in and we spend more time outside, most coyotes will then return to forested areas to avoid human contact. Sightings and Interactions should be reported to Animal Services for the appropriate response

Seasonal behaviours that influence an increase in coyote sightings:
•Winter during mating periods (Jan-Feb), Spring during den selection/pup rearing (Mar-June) and Fall during dispersal of pack members will also affect the number of sightings a resident observes a coyote.

As with any wildlife the City of Hamilton Animal Services only gets involved if they are injured/in distress or causing an immediate danger to the public. Below I have included some tips for co-existing with coyotes:
•Never feed coyotes. Our best approach for safe and harmonious coexistence is not to habituate them. We need to keep them wild and wary of people. This is the best way to protect our pets and ourselves.
•Keep pet food and water bowls indoors. Pet food will attract coyotes to your yard.
•Keep trash cans covered.
•Pick ripened fruit, and clean all rotted fallen fruit off the ground.
•Do not allow a large amount of wild bird seed to remain on your lawn. Bird seed not only attracts birds, but rabbits, squirrels, and rodents, which are prey for coyotes.
•Keep pets under strict control. Coyotes are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn. Therefore, leash all dogs and accompany them for walks. Keep pets indoors at night or enclosed in kennels.
•Cats may become prey for coyotes. Pet owners should protect pets and not let them roam. Our pets are at risk of many environmental dangers when they are not under our control. Coyotes may prey on small domestic animals as food and to eliminate a threat to their territory or pups. Domestic dogs can be considered competition for food items at locations where humans are feeding coyotes.
•Keep cats indoors. Letting cats roam can actually draw coyotes into the area.
•Do not approach coyotes. Avoid coyote dens, and do not interfere with pups, even if it appears the parents have abandoned them. Coyotes will do their best to avoid human contact, but may attack humans when provoked, sick or injured.
•Teach children about wildlife and how to safely respond to a coyote (or dog) nearby.

If A Coyote Is Near
•Pick up small children and pets
•Never run from or turn your back on a coyote/fox/domestic dog
•Wave your arm(s) above your head, stomp feet, clap hands. Surprise gestures work best. Be assertive!
•Be BIG and LOUD! Yell “Go away!” . A strong voice and assertive gestures send a clear message.
•Slowly back away. Maintain eye contact and remember never run.
•Use of Motion sensor lights or fog horn.

**Use hazing techniques such as shaking car keys, popping an umbrella, throwing an object in the direction of the coyote such as clumps of dirt, sticks or blow a whistle.

Any unusual behaviour or injured coyotes should be reported to Animal Services immediately at 905-574-3433. Residents should also contact the City of Hamilton Animal Services if they know of anyone feeding coyotes.

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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There are a number of upcoming Easter Egg hunts happening throughout ward 11:


The Binbrook Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Friday March 30th at the Binbrook Agricultural Society Fairgrounds (2600 Highway 56). The Binbrook Scouts will be hosting an all you can eat Pancake Breakfast at the event from 9am – 12pm. Everyone is welcome, and there is no pre-registration required. Please note there is limited parking, so organizers are asking that you please walk if possible.

The schedule for the egg hunt is as follows:
10am – JK/ SK on the Main Field & the New West Field
10:30am – Grades 1-3 on the Main Field
11am – Preschool (0-3) on the Baseball diamond Outfield
11am – Grades 4-6 on the Main Field
11:30am – Grade 7+ on the Main Field

Along with the egg hunt there will be other activities including crafts, tractors, fire trucks, animals, carnival games, superheroes, princesses, & other entertainment!

Mount Hope:

Mount Hope Scouts will be hosting their annual Pancake Breakfast on Friday March 30th from 8am – 11am at the newly renovated Mount Hope Community Hall, 3027 Homestead Drive). Mount Hope Lion’s Club Easter Egg Drop to follow in the Park at 11am.


The 7th annual Winona Easter Egg Hunt is being held on Saturday, March 31 in Winona Park (1328 Barton Street East by Winona Road, Stoney Creek). Online pre-registration will be available until Sunday, March 25th. The Egg hunt begins at 11am sharp, however other activities including colouring, arts & crafts, face painting and fire trucks will be starting at 9am. The event is free of charge however donations to the food bank are being accepted at the event. You can register for the event at

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A large cross culvert replacement taking place on Airport Rd. W. (about 80 m east of its intersection with Hwy. 6 access / John C. Munro HI Airport main entrance) will require directional traffic flagging through one available lane.

UPDATE: Construction has been rescheduled starting tomorrow March 21, and will be on ongoing until Friday March 23rd.

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The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is having a prehearing on April 19th at 10am at the Dundas Town Hall regarding the proposed ten Storey building at 3033, 3047, 3055 and 3053 Binbrook Road (behind Shoppers Drug Mart)

Why has this application gone to the Ontario Municipal Board?
City Staff & Councillor Brenda Johnson would have recommended denial to the application in its current form. To avoid a denial decision, the developer decided instead to take this application directly to the OMB under the category of ‘no decision’.

Why was I notified?
Residents were notified if they have done one or more of the following:

1.Live within 120m of the property
2.Signed a petition with your full name and address
3.Contacted the City with your written concerns.
4.Contacted the City in any manor to ask to be updated with the process.

Next steps:
A prehearing is to determine how many people want to be involved. So far it is currently the City of Hamilton vs. the Developer. If you want to observe the meeting you are more than welcome to attend the prehearing. If you wish to participate in the process please Click Here for more information.

If you have any general concerns or comments regarding this file please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

What: OMB Prehearing regarding the proposed ten storey building on Binbrook Road
Where: Dundas Town Hall, 2nd Floor Audit/OMB Hearing Room, Located at 60 Main Street, Dundas Hamilton, Ontario, L9H1C8
When: Thursday, April 19,2018 at 10:00am

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The City–Wide Average property tax increase is 1.9% or $75. and that is based on the City-Wide Average Home Assessment of $337,000.

The Stoney Creek/Winona Average Property Tax Increase is 1.5% or $73. and that is based on the Stoney Creek Average Home Assessment of $418,600.

The Glanbrook Average Property Tax Increase is 0.9% or $36. and this is based on the Glanbrook Average Home Assessment of $365,700

For Ward 11, these figures include any area rating that may apply.

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