Did you know that you can now pay POA (speeding & traffic related tickets) and municipal parking tickets, at the Glanbrook Municipal Service Centre, 4280 Binbrook Road, next to the Arena or the Stoney Creek Municipal Service Centre, 777 Hwy #8 at Jones Rd. Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm?

QUESTION: Is the Glanbrook Municipal Building Closed???

ANSWER: Yes, as a result of Covid-19, all Glanbrook Municipal Buildings including the arena, halls and library will be closed until further notice.

QUESTION: What can a gardener do with invasive plants?

ANSWER: “Invasive plants can go in the green bin or as part of the leaf & yard waste collection program. Both processes destroy the seeds from these plants with controlled high temperatures. The only thing that cannot go into either program is Giant Hogweed. This is a highly toxic plant that can produce up to 100,000 seeds per plant. However this plant has not been found in your ward as of yet.” -Director of Environmental Services, Hamilton

QUESTION: Where can I get recycling bins locally?

ANSWER: During Covid-19, please call 546-City (905-546-2489) for assistance

QUESTION: Who do I call if my garbage or recycling didn’t get picked up.

ANSWER: You can call 905-546-city (905-546-2489). They will let waste know and someone will contact you directly. Also, you must remember that you waste pickup items must be at the curb by 7am. Sometimes a route can have a minor change that can affect your time of pickup.