Did you know that you can now pay POA (speeding & traffic related tickets) and municipal parking tickets, at the Glanbrook Municipal Service Centre, 4280 Binbrook Road, next to the Arena or the Stoney Creek Municipal Service Centre, 777 Hwy #8 at Jones Rd. Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm?

QUESTION: Is the CIBC in Binbrook closing?

ANSWER: Yes, we have been advised by CIBC Head Office that they will be closing the Binbrook Banking Centre at 3011 Highway 56, Binbrook and relocating to the Rymal & Terryberry Banking Centre at 2140 Rymal Rd E on August 24th, 2018 at 1:00 pm.

QUESTION: When will the new waste calendar and tags come out?

ANSWER: You should be receiving them by the end of February, 2018. Also, check out the news section for more details

QUESTION: Looking for an update on Costco, Winona

ANSWER: The South Service Road is currently closed so that the infrastructure can be brought in for the development of Costco. We are advised by the Developer that they are proceeding with the construction of Costco at this time.

QUESTION: What is the happening on Baseline Rd and North Service Rd. Winona

ANSWER: This development was approved in 2012, it was for a 3 storey building with the bottom floor for commercial and the top two floors for residential

QUESTION: What can a gardener do with invasive plants?

ANSWER: “Invasive plants can go in the green bin or as part of the leaf & yard waste collection program. Both processes destroy the seeds from these plants with controlled high temperatures. The only thing that cannot go into either program is Giant Hogweed. This is a highly toxic plant that can produce up to 100,000 seeds per plant. However this plant has not been found in your ward as of yet.” -Director of Environmental Services, Hamilton

QUESTION: New Traffic Lights at Trinity Church Road?

ANSWER: The new Traffic Signal on Rymal Road at Trinity Church Road was activated on November 27, 2015.  This new traffic signal includes Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) operation and is AODA compliant.

QUESTION: I am curious on what is planned for the Baseline Road / North Service road. I noticed that the topsoil was striped and a modular trailer is on the site.


  • The site being cleared now is a 3-storey building with commercial on the bottom floor and the remaining 2 stories for condos

QUESTION: Costco Plaza? Any idea of this start date?


  • Costco was approved for a long time, it is up to the developer when they begin. Just FYI, another development was approved across the road with 7 retail sites. I suspect they will be open prior to Costco. Let’s see what happens!

QUESTION: Development for the end of Sonoma Lane. Is this close to starting?


  • Not clear on the start date for this development. I know they had some challenges with the servicing so their engineer was addressing the situation last I heard.

QUESTION: The school on Winona Road. Is this in operation as a community centre? The Hamilton activities book for 2015-2016 shows that there are gym classes there, and if it is in operation, then I will be putting my son in some of the programs there.


  • The former Winona School is being prepped (roof and floors) for a soft opening with full programing scheduled for January 2016

QUESTION: Update on Fifty Rd Commercial Development

ANSWER: The application was approved in 2010 and since that time several changes have been made by the applicant.  Staff advise me that all approvals are in place for the current plan and it is up to the applicant when construction begins.   I also understand that Costco, gas bar, 3 banks, 5 restaurants and an LCBO are scheduled to be tenants. This property is located on the South Service Road, between Fifty & Winona Rd's.

QUESTION: When is the intersection of Twenty & Nebo Rd’s going to get a traffic light?

ANSWER: The intersection of Nebo Rd and Twenty Rd is identified in our 2017 Capital Budget for Signalization and coincides with planned reconstruction of Nebo Road.

QUESTION: What is being planned for the area at the intersection of Fifty road and North service road in Winona.

ANSWER: In 2011 an application was approved for a 3 storey building. The bottom floor is designated commercial (I understand a gym is planned) and the top 2 floors are residential.  Due to the low grading of the property, the height will ‎be 2 storey from the grade of the road.

QUESTION: Where can I get recycling bins locally?

ANSWER: At your local Municipal Service Centre, (Glanbrook, 4280 Binbrook Rd., and Stoney Creek at 777 Hwy #8 @ Jones Rd) they are open between 8:30 and 4:30 monday to friday. Recycling bins are free of charge.

QUESTION: Who do I call if my garbage or recycling didn’t get picked up.

ANSWER: You can call 905-546-city (905-546-2489). They will let waste know and someone will contact you directly. Also, you must remember that you waste pickup items must be at the curb by 7am. Sometimes a route can have a minor change that can affect your time of pickup.  

QUESTION: If I want to call the Ward 11 Roads Dept, what is their phone number?

ANSWER: 905-546-2424 ext 2038 and if you would like to call the Parks Dept, they are ext 7244

QUESTION: If I install a back flow valve, how and when do I get the grant money?

ANSWER: The process is as follows:

  1. You get a service number from Water/Waste Dept., (905-546-2489).
  2. Then you or your contractor (usually contractor) applies for a building permit.
  3. When your contractor has completed the work it is then inspected by the city.
  4. Then the resident applies for the grant of up to $2,000.00
There is some concern that once a resident has completed steps 1 through 3 that there might not be any grant money left and the resident would be left with the bill. Staff advised that there is still money left at this time in the grant account, but it is getting low. Staff advised that when the dollars were exhausted they would report that to Council. Councillor Johnson advised that when the account is drained, Council would normally approve additional dollars to fund the account again. The grant dollars are given out on a first come first serve basis and Councillor Johnson was confident that the account would be funded again.

QUESTION: When is Maple Leaf going to be up and running?

ANSWER: Operations will officially begin in 2014. For more detail contact Anne Tennier at Maple Leaf, ann.tennier@mapleleaf.com

QUESTION: What are the stakes and markers on Hwy #56 north of the Village of Binbrook?

ANSWER: They are are part of the process for installing “a force water main” coming up from Centennial Parkway which in under construction. They explain where the locates are, each colour is a different utility as well as the existing pipe.

QUESTION: When is Pumpkin Pass going to get is final top coat of paving?

ANSWER: The project is currently out on tender, the Consultant is estimating Pavement will occur near the end of September. The section being paved is all of Fairgrounds East Phases 1 & 2, EXCEPT for Royal Winter Drive, Kinsman Drive and a portion of Pumpkin Pass (west of Royal Winter Drive), as these are the construction access points to the west end of the site (where construction is occurring) and for Fairgrounds West.