In the spirit of Halloween, we are challenging our Ward 11 residents to a Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Gather up the family for a walk around your neighbour to see how many Halloween items you can find!

Click the link below to find the full list of spooky Halloween items to find throughout your neighbourhood.

Please remember to practice safe social distancing and take proper Covid precautions while scavenging!

Send your completed list along with your name and phone number to or drop off your list at the Glanbrook Service Centre

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779 Air Cadets “Virtual Tagging Campaign”

779 Air Cadets is having a virtual tagging campaign.

In the fall and spring cadets are out at your local stores “tagging” and many of you drop a few bucks into the cadet’s box. Your generosity is the primary source

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Mount Hope * Food Drive

On Wednesday, November 4th starting at 7:00 p.m., our Community Service Team and our Youth Group will be handing out a yellow no frills bag, with an attached flyer, on to hopefully “everyone’s” doorstep.

This will also include a list

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Mount Hope Community CRC Food Drive starts Wed Nov 4 Binbrook United Church Fundraisers & Updates

At this time the Binbrook United Church has 2 fundraisers happening.

….The first one is the sale of Fundscrip gift cards which are due November 8 and December 6. Go to and use code KK5GE3 . Order your gift

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Binbrook Guides “Mint Cookie” Sales

It’s that time of year again and if you are looking for your cookies you can get them online on in person.

Connect with:

– Mary for Online Sales at or 905-516-3044
– Laura for In Person Sales

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