Happy Earth Day Glanbrook

Happy Earth Day

The sun is shining bright on Earth Day 2021

Take a look at what your community has been up to this past week with our Team Up to Clean Up Contest. Kits

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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes – Glanbrook Community Services Volunteers

Kevin Keyte

Kevin is a warm and dedicated volunteer who goes above and beyond…especially since Covid. Kevin has volunteered with Glanbrook Community Services (GCS) for almost a decade and doesn’t hesitate

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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes – Villages of Glancaster

Residents of Villages of Glancaster provided us with not only 1 but 3 Pandemic Heroes!!! Here they are…

Chuck and Mary Beth Beasley

Chuck has faithfully shopped for our groceries for almost a year.

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April 19th Board Of Health Situation Report Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes

I would like to thank our Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes personally from the bottom of my heart for their amazing efforts during this Covid 19 Pandemic.

During times like this, it is the efforts of individuals like

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